Why You Need To Try This Simple But Luxurious Collagen Cream: XYZ Smart Collagen Cream (And It Works!)

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream

Who would have thought that a tattoo collagen cream originally formulated to help heal skin would now be recognised as an anti-ageing cream that helps firm and tighten skin?

Compared to other anti-aging creams on the market I felt the price of XYZ Collagen at £39.99 is rather reasonable for a luxury anti-ageing cream. But does it work?

Inside this highly rated cream is Bulbine frutescent; a South African plant that is proven to reduce collagen breakdown in the body and increase collagen production. Rosewater is added to provide a light, refreshing scent. Then we have LIFTONIN (registered and owned by Rahn AG) that works by improving skin structure reducing the appearance of pesky fine lines and wrinkles. The rest of ingredients are mostly emollients and natural preservatives.

The plant extracts inside this jar of collagen cream are cold-pressed for maximum effectiveness. Fibroblast, a living cell in connective tissue reproduces more collagen thanks to the creams natural plant-based formula. This natural formulated cream felt like I was applying a rich moisture mask onto the skin, although it didn’t take seconds for the cream to fully absorbed into my quench-thirsty, dehydrated skin.

Suitable for most skin types, especially mature skin. The soft creamy texture transforms into a light delicate oil as the product melts slowly over skin. It left my skin feeling smooth and plumped-looking. If you’re not a fan of creams leaving a slight slick on the surface then you might want to give this a miss although you don’t want to knock this cream on the head just yet. If you’re like me who enjoys layering skin treatments then you might want to apply your essences, serums and other lotions before XYZ Collagen cream this time.

For me, I would only apply the cream in the evenings purely because I felt it was too heavy in the daytime for my skin. Having said that, if my skin was dry as a bone and the cream contained a form of SPF I’m sure my thoughts would be different. As most of us know, sun protection plays a big part at keeping our skin in tip-top condition, reducing the likelihood of premature ageing from the harmful sun rays that causes photo-ageing.

I do like to protect my skin with sunscreen as much as possible so with the product not containing elements of sun protection I applied the cream only on evenings. The XYZ Smart Collagen Cream is available to buy at £39.99 for a 60ml size. Click image at the very top to purchased your very own jar of youth-boosting cream.


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