Beauty From The Inside Out With Collagen: A Supplement That Effectively Delivers Nutrients Into The Body: Ultimate Collagen+

Beauty From The Inside Out: A Supplement That Effectively Delivers Nutrients Into The Body: Ultimate Collagen+

Collagen, collagen and collagen. You have probably heard enough about this hyped up ingredient in the recent years but I have found a supplement that works like no other on the current market. Continue reading to discover more.

I’ve never been a supplement taker in the past, I haven’t felt the need to become loyal to a certain vitamin or natural herb to unleash a ’better me’. I’m now in my late 20’s almost reaching the big 30 in a few years, and I thought to myself, it’ll be no harm to explore on what supplements are available on the ever growing market, after all, who wishes to prolong their youthful, bouncy, adolescent appearance? I’m imagining thousands of you are thinking yes, am I correct? I thought so.

Did you know millions of beauty supplements we intake on a daily basis don’t do their job worth, that’s right, these so-called supplements, or water-soluble vitamins are simply an ‘expensive urine moment’.

Just as your mum or doctor told you as a child, eating those nutrient colourful vegetables is one way to grow big and strong, and to achieve a radiant, clear complexion.

Ultimate Collagen by Ingenious Beauty created an exciting supplement that allows our bodies to fully intake and absorb the ingredients within the small intestine, and better yet, no harm is caused to the three main ingredients during the absorption process that’ll allow you to fully enjoy the true two benefits of collagen, peptide and amino acid complex.

Inside a single capsule of Ultimate Collagen we have marine collagen peptides, sodium hyaluronate and Astaxanthin.

Marine collagen peptides act as building blocks needed for youthful vitality, restoring skin elasticity that depletes as we age. Sodium hyaluronate works like an anti-ageing treatment, putting back the fullness in the areas where volume around the skin is lost from the lack of nutrients our skin needs to remain plump and hydrated.

Astaxanthin, an ingredient used in many Korean skincare and supplement brands used for its incredible UV-blocking capabilities from the environmental stresses and harmful sun rays. This “pro-oxidant” also protects our skin cells against oxidation. 

Developed by an award winning pharmacist, Pupinder Ghatora and David Hyland, together, discovered and studied how the body ages at every dimension, discovering what best ingredients would allow humans to age beautifully with ease and serenity.

Both knew that collagen broke down inside the body from the natural stomach acids, making this complex protein almost ineffective. 

With Ingenious Beauty, capsules are dissolved in the small intestine, thanks to the use of enteric capsules, delivering the nutrients straight to our body where most needed, when supplements fall into the blood stream, like most multivitamins which reduce the products effectiveness, and most likely urine away. 

I’ve rigorously been taking two capsules on an empty stomach before bedtime for a month, the results so far are minimal, but noticeable enough to continue purchasing them in the foreseeable future. My thinning hair from the use of treatment shampoos to combat my on going dermatitis has somewhat felt thicker, less brittle, but I’m not convinced my unlucky hereditary of receding hairline isn’t going to magically reappear from any kind of supplement taking.

My skin on the other hand has certainly grown a subtle glow of colour from within and although I’m very loyal to my skincare routine, I have received a natural shine that any product on the market couldn’t achieve from a single pot or tube.

The troublesome of dealing with dermatitis is a nightmare from hell, but since taking Ultimate Collagen my skin hasn’t flared up as drastic or extreme, although I still do suffer from the occasion of an irritable, flaky scalp but taking these supplements seems to ease and prevent the condition to spread like wildfire.

We’re forever looking after our skin from the outside, but realistically, we neglect what really counts, the inside. You can spend a fortune on lotions and potions which don’t get me wrong, picking up the right products for your skin concerns delivers a positive smile.

As we all know, our skin is the largest organ of the human body and so we prioritise ‘skin’ care first. The next time you’re looking to up your beauty ritual, think about having the ‘inside’ benefits from proven daily supplement.

Ultimate Collagen Second Generation from Ingenious Beauty is available directing from the website pricing £42.99 that consist of one bottle for 30 days use. You can, if you’re feeling tempted, that is, why not proudly enroll on the monthly saver subscription for £35.99 a month, giving you a happy saving of £7.00. 


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