The Only Male Grooming Brand That Left Me Gobsmacked: Introducing Triumph & Disaster Skincare Foundry (A Brand Created By A Former International Cricketer)

I do enjoy experiencing a new and intriguing line of male grooming products. It’s exciting to uncover what array of skin care essentials a brand has to offer from the rest, learning about their story, what ingredients they believe in and concept of packaging and materials used to create one’s brand. It really does give me a real buzz and sense of enjoyment testing and reviewing products. This next review is about a brand that gave me an instant smile, a positive start on that day. Discover Triumph & Disaster Skincare Foundry with myself and learn whether this particular grooming brand is worth investing your hard-earned money into, or not.

From an old poem uncovered from one’s old chest of draws that read an inspiring sentence encouraged one man to create his own grooming brand, Triumph & Disaster. Dion Nash began as a sports professional, a well valued cricketer for over a decade, experiencing the negative effects of natural weather causes affecting his skin condition, decided to research and form his own skincare routine, a home-grown ritual that he could share with the world. With much searching for the suitable chemists that believed in Dion’s ethos, researchers and a nonstop marathon of ingredient findings, Triumph & Disaster was born.

Starting with the brands award-winning, male grooming Ritual Face Cleanser that incorporates the latest green science technology and proven effectiveness for the most sensitive of skins. A cleansing solution that uses coconut derived surfactants to gently cleanse away dirt, grime and everyday buildup of muck accumulated from the outside world. We can all agree how city life can affect the look and feel of our skin, even for us men. The genius kaolin and cooling peppermint oil provide a deep clean feel on every application, I did notice a slight ‘purge’ action from the product that left my skin a little spotty after a few applications but this soon cleared up after a day or two of continuous use. Purging is a good sign of the skin cleansing properly and thoroughly without compromising overall skin health. Tamanu oil adds skin nourishment and natural healing, leaving the skin in tip-top condition. Salicylic acid removes spot causing bacteria while erasing dead skin cells allowing men’s skin to breathe. After use, skin is left with a soft, comfortable feel that hasn’t been stripped or aggravated by harsh chemical use. With a flip-off lid that allows you to apply the product with ease, a small shake from the tube ensures an even application of ingredients. Be sure to give this a go if you’re on the hunt for something out of the ordinary.

Next up we have an excitable face scrub that oozes pure potential from the first initial reaction. The male grooming Triumph & Disaster Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide Face Scrub is seriously deadly against skin that needs a deep clean up from late nights to long days away from home comforts,m. I only use this once or twice a week to really enable my skin to enjoy a proper, thorough cleanse, and you don’t need to go overboard with this scrub, a pea size amount is more than enough for the entire face. The detoxifying properties of kaolin and olive-green clay provide a clean slate of fresh looking skin. Miniature particles of volcanic ash effectively resurface and renew skin cells, allowing you to discover clean, healthy skin in a matter of minutes, a truly remarkable product for men. If you have time on your hands which I know isn’t always possible, especially for the modern lifestyle that we live in, you can treat this as a weekly face mask and scrub in one, great to apply when relaxing in your favourite bubble bath. 

Next up we have an irresistible shaving cream fit enough to use by royalty, and yes it’s that good, Price Harry will fall in love with this stuff. This superior shaving cream contains all the right components for a comfortable, smooth shave every time. With a blend of natural surfactants from coconut extract and lanolin ensures an easy, safety glide throughout the daily shave. The invigorating blend of mint, orange and patchouli provide the user with with with an enjoyable, uplifting experience, unlike many aerosols available from common retailers. Once rinsed off from the skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable or dry feeling but instead freshly cleansed and prepared for your favourite moisturizer to be applied.

What is your favourite male grooming brand? Do you like to use products based on science or nature, or both?


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