The ‘Oomph’ Grooming Essentials Men Have Been Waiting For Until Now: Clinique Proudly Launches #SuperEnergizer for Men


Clinique Proudly Launches Super Energizer for Men review

The ‘Oomph’ Grooming Essentials Men Have Been Waiting For Until Now: Clinique Proudly Launches Super Energizer for Men.

Clinique, a brand we all know and love have stepped out of their comfort zone in recent months with the surprising launch of CliniqueFIT, a curated collection of ‘gym kind’ skincare for the female fanatic of fitness, I’m really intrigued on how well this performed because after all, are women ‘really’ bothered on how the they during a sweaty, hot mess workout? In my personal opinion, being a gym goer myself, I’d say 80% of females wore makeup while the remaining 20% went makeup free, but let’s not forget the gents, I’ve seen perfectly styled hair during an intense workout, either way, there’s no wrong or right way on how to dress and look at the gym.

I find it particularly interesting when a brand creates a new collection of skin care heroes and why. Over the last year or so, I’ve been closely following the male grooming market and have watched several brands launch some excitable new releases for the modern, groomed male species. This latest creation from Clinique promises a more energised, wake up appearance for us gents that dreams of a less fatigue look, especially on those early rises and dreaded, dark mornings.

Before you thought powder cleansers were out the window, then you’re wrong. Let’s begin with the anti-fatigue exfoliating powder cleanser, an ultra-fine powder formulation that transforms into a delicate, satisfying foam to purify, congested skin from first application. I was impressed to see a concoction of favourable ingredients, salicylic acid works to treat and prevent blemishes from arising, ascorbic acid enlivens tired-looking skin whilst increasing skin radiance. Soapberry extract acts as a skin friendly cleansing agent along with coconut derivatites; sodium sulfoacetate and cocoyl isethionate, both of which are excellent alternatives to harsh cleansing detergents. 

You can treat this product in two unique ways: simply pour a generous amount onto cleanse palms, add a good splash of water and apply as a daily foam wash, morning and evening, or you can be your own creative director and apply little water so the powder turns into a thicker, more dense, gritty consistency enabling you to treat the product as a hardworking exfoliator. This is the gentleness of foams I’ve experienced in my blogging history, and one that feels absolutely incredible to indulge your skin into after a long day away from home comforts, and that feeling of wanting to cleanse your skin couldn’t become anymore pleasurable.

Now, this excitable eye roller gel from Clinique might look awfully familiar with L’Oreal’s bestselling men eye roll-on, a success launch that was released onto the grooming market a few years ago when male grooming was beginning to take off. Now, Clinique have perfected and created their very own caffeine infused eye roll-on with some added bonus ingredients to fight the signs of fatigue and dehydration that a modern man may suffer from a daily basis. Hops extract, an exceptional flower that withholds natural anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, this famous flower de-puffs, soothes, decreasing the fluid buildup around the delicate eye area.

Linoleic Acid, also known as Vitamin F intensely hydrates, providing a youthful, more fresh appearance, perfect for when you need a quick fix on those cold, morning rises. I’ve not been using the eye roll-on for long, on and off for a good week, but seeing instant, visible results on every application, results I’m happy with, the uniformity of skin tone and all round brightness around the eye area is something I’d never thought a single product would achieve in a million years, until now.

The intriguing use of proline, an amino acid that is able to strengthen and renew ageing skin cells. Tangerine peel and pomegranate fruit juice adds brightness, vitality to the skin, giving the impression of a good nights sleep while providing a shot of antioxidant protection. The nature of an eye roller is simple, that instant, cooling sensation from the ball itself, encourages drainage of fluid retention. A top tip from myself is to keep the product somewhere cold, like your good ole’ refrigerator, just don’t forget where you kept it. 

Will you be stocking up on some latest grooming essentials from Clinique? It’s safe to say there’s no restriction for the ladies to experiment with the newest Super Energizer range, I can see both of the products mentioned above catching a few women eyes in my personal opinion. 


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