SVR Laboratories Topialyse: Sensitive Cleansing For The Whole Family

SVR Laboratories Topialyse: Sensitive Cleansing For The Whole Family Mister Wharff

SVR Laboratories is a brand that I’ve never come across before in the world of French pharmacy. This hidden gem of a brand shouldn’t be kept behind closed doors within the sometimes, over-whelming brand dictionary.

France is renowned for its quaint, chemist boutiques that offer a wide range of inviting, alluring French cult products to the potential consumer. From the popular emollients to the must-have acne treatment creams, French beauty has you covered for the majority of skin-concerns.

Sensitive skin is constantly on the rise and people are becoming more vigilant and careful on what they apply to their skin. It’s becoming the norm for people all over the world to suffer from one kind of skin problem. With eczema being the number one skin concern around the globe followed by contact dermatitis, it’s no wonder the public are opting to spurge on products designed for sensitive skin. 

We as shoppers have learnt from the media, brands and writers like myself on  what ingredients to avoid when curving a possible skin irritation. We know that not everyone is so tolerable to fragrance in skincare, we’re also knowledgeable on what type of cleansing surfactants and preservatives are added to body washes, cleansers and shampoos. The media world has taught us well, there’s no denying that. 

I’m excited to introduce you to SVR Laboratorie Dermatologique: a French pharmacology brand created by couple, Simone and Robert Véret whose belief from the very beginning was to create beautiful skin. In 2016, this close, family-run business gained recognition by leading dermatologists who began recommending SVR Laboratories to their skin-concerning patents.

SVR wanted to create a variety of corrective products that would allow our skin to tolerate, like second-nature. Combining the two fundamental elements, tolerance to skin and high concentration formulas together, wasn’t as simple as saying one, two, three. Simone and Robert wanted the very best for current and future potential customers.

Let’s begin with the multi-purpose gel cleanser that was created for extremely dry skin in mind. Now, I don’t know about you, but with the typical British weather playing a constant game of musical chairs, we can never be sure on how our skin is going to react. The change of weather can most definitely effect the way our skin looks and feels as a whole. Come rain or shine, I know for a fact that my skin will become affected from nature’s choice of weather.

Focusing back to the Topialyse Gel Cleanser, a beautifully, refreshing gel wash that targets skin discomfort caused by skin dryness. That tightness, the reddening appearance and sometimes sore feeling when our skin is in need of a little TLC that left untreated, can feel almost unbearable. Anything you apply to try and eliminate the sensitivity is often resulted in making the matter ten times worse. I’m sure we have all been through this at some point in our lives.

What’s inside? A combination of vital omega fatty acids that work together, in synergy to serve essential building blocks of skin’s surface layers, creating a calm environment while erasing the signs of sensitivity present on troublesome skin. The product foams delicately onto the skin once it touches water, a foam that fully respects the skins’ dermis and pH balance. I’ve been applying this gel cleanser on evenings when a comforting bath is much needed after a long-winded day away from home comforts. 

Camelina extract gets straight to work by relieving flakiness on the skin, a common issue with people dealing with eczema-prone skin. Sunflower seed oil is also added into the kind-to-skin blend for it’s potential to remove fungal-bacteria.

Spending those extra few minutes on areas where irritation has risen during the day is a commitment I’ve been focusing on for the past week or so. My face and scalp have a tendency to flare-up during the daytime and the only two causes of this is the weather and temperature change. This doesn’t happen all the time, but when does, I need a product that won’t aggravate or cause further irritation. This is when the Topialyse gel cleanser comes to play, and somehow, without the use of prescriptive steroids or numbing creams, my skin is instantly relieved from the associated itchiness. 

It’s important for me to tell you about the fragrance, and although you would expect a product like the Topialyse gel cleanser to contain 0% fragrance, there is a slight whiff of perfume added, a scent that won’t compromise the products performance or cause further skin issues. 

Slowing progressing to the micellar cleansing oil: a product designed to soothe and nurture itchiness caused by damaged or weakened skin. Similar to its gel sister, this hybrid oil wash creates a beautifully lather as you apply onto dampen skin, a lather with a luxury, rich-feel consistency that really does bring a whole new level of gentle cleansing.

Cottonseed oil helps to neutralise the effects of dermatitis present on the scalp and body. Prebiotic sugar protects the skins microbiome, shielding against possible skin irritations caused by the misuse of products. There’s also a trio of “good fats” of omegas 3, 6 and 9 that helps bolster the skin barrier, increasing hydration levels.

Both of the products mentioned above are suitable for the entire family, this also includes baby’s hair and body. If your skin is suffering from long or short-term sensitivity, the SVR Laboratories Topialyse range is most-certainly worth looking into if skin irritation or occasional skin dryness is a number one concern. 

Do you have personal skin saviour favourite cream or wash that you keep in reach for when skin misbehaves? Discover the Topialyse Collection here.

This is a sample feature in partnership with SVR Laboratories. This post contains affiliate links.

SVR Laboratories Topialyse: Sensitive Cleansing For The Whole Family



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