Reformulated To Perfection: Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser For The Immaculate, Squeaky Clean Complexion

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Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser by Mr. Wharff

I’m extremely fortunate to have a wide range of cleansers to experience in my beauty drawers, and within my time of blogging, I have found some absolute must-haves that’ll cleanse away the day and some, I’d rather not mention at all. Proper cleansing, in my humble opinion this is one of the most important steps to take for achieving a clearer, youthful looking complexion, a step that I never fail to complete, morning and evening. 

The launch of the reformulated Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser couldn’t have gone down better. Sunday and her team reformulated the beloved and best-selling facial cleanser, the Ceramic Slip. Although the original offered a sensual aroma of pure delight that lingered within the heavenly cream lotion, the cleanser that once contained a heap-full of botanical oils now only contains the remaining neroli extract that may please the people who have a skin sensitivity to fragrant or volatile oils.

Sunday Riley wanted to reformulate the product so everyone with various skin-types was able to fully dive into ceramic slip without the fear of getting a possible reaction from the essential oils used inside the original formula. Sunday also modernised the packaging, discarding the frosted bottle and replacing with a travel friendly tube that doesn’t like to be unnoticed with the luminous, colour splash tube, capturing the beady public eye from the distance. 

Hydration and skin sensitivity were the two fundamental actions for Sunday when reformulating the Ceramic Slip Cleanser. Rice bran esters were added into the cauldron to provide a shot of healthy fats to renew and combat the tale signs of dehydration. French Green Clay, Bentonite and White Kaolin, the three mighty clays that purify, balance and deeply cleanse without interrupting the natural pH level that our skin needs to maintain balanced for healthy, radiant skin.

We also have the natural wonders of Bisabolol, a chamomile concentrated counterpart that moisturises in-depth of the skin, drawing moisture from the air into the skin, preventing skin from becoming dry and irritated. Bisabolol also promotes natural collagen production.

The product itself remains unique from other cleansers I’ve ever experienced. The fine ‘almost’ thin milky texture gracefully glides over the skin, allowing you to work the product into the skin creating a delicate, comforting foam from the plant-based surfactants used within the cleanser. 

Although this cleanser may not look and smell anything spectacular in any shape or form, it’s important to remember that we’re discussing ‘clean beauty’ at its finest, a product that delivers a thorough, deep cleanse without using unnecessary ingredients that may compromise the overall effectiveness and end result. 

I find this cleanser works best onto dampened skin, using a generous dollop size is plentiful for the entire face and neck area, making sure to cleanse the décolletage too. Quite contrary to the products name, my skin felt incredibly smooth with a ‘ceramic like’ touch. Skin appeared radiant and healthy looking from the the first application. I definitely felt my skin had a clean slate, a clean sheet for the future.

In all honesty, I truly wished I had experienced the old formulation so I was able to provide you with a greater, more precise comparison. You never know, I might be able to source an old bottle lurking on the internet, but I’m certain the chances of finding the old formula are second to none. 

What cleanser are you currently obsessed with during the Winter period? Do you change your cleansing routine depending on how the skin is behaving? 


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