Dark Circles? Puffiness? Wrinkles? This Eye Cream Is For You: Strivectin R&R Multi-Action Eye Cream

Strivectin Multi-Action R&R Eye Cream –– Mr. Wharff

Strivectin R&R Multi-Action Eye Cream

It’s becoming daunting for me that in 3 years time I’ll be hitting the big 3.0, and although the use of eye creams hasn’t phased me during my early twenties, with having no tale signs of fatigue or tiredness, I’ve been exceptionally lucky to not have a single dark circle, good genetics or just plain luck, I’ll leave that up to you for discussion. 

None of us like to wake up at the crack of dawn for work, and even more so during the cold, Winter months upon us, and that extra 5 minutes in bed makes the world a difference for those early risers. Wouldn’t you agree? Since changing jobs, I’ve had to wake up bright and early to catch the first train for work, at first, it took a little getting use to and my skin wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of having to wake up  at the prime of the morning.

I received an unexpected parcel from Strivectin containing the cutest, almost adorable pot of eye cream that screamed ‘grab me’ with its eye-catching packaging that gleamed from a distance. Since now, I haven’t ’really’ got into the whole eye cream marketing and have always been very wary of applying products around the delicate eye area. After all, everything we apply under the eye area should be applied with caution and concentration, 

Inside this beautifully colored jar of 15ml contains all the required ingredients for an ’eye lift’ of brightening, ageless skin that is in need of a gravity freeze. Completely un-fragranced, the lightweight, buttery like texture melts seamlessly into the skin leaving no signs of product residue that can leave the skin feeling heavy. The apricot tint infused provides a brighter, more wide awake appearance.

The combination of non-irritating plant oils avocado, sunflower, grape extracts provides the skin with a subtle, but deep moisture that naturally firms the eye area. This melt-in cream also contains a heap of anti-oxidants, protecting the surrounding skin from ageing by modern, everyday technology.

Yes, the constant use of looking down at our phones and squinting at the TV screen really isn’t doing us any favors in the future, but, are we willing to make the small changes of taking regular intervals and breaks from the industrial science? The duo of peptides involved, palmitoyl tripeptide 1 & 7 work in synergy to repair past damage from UV radiation, light and internal stresses by regulating interleukin production, in the English language, the body’s natural immune system.

We also have Strivectin’s proprietary NIA-114™ that combines niacin and vitamin b3 acting as a ’micronutrient delivery’, elevating the skins’ performance for a fresher, younger-looking complexion. This trademark ingredient is used within the whole product family of Strivectin and sister brand, NIA Skincare.

I’m looking forward to continuing with this and seeing some further results.

What’s your current go-to eye cream? Do you feel eye creams genuinely work or just a fad for a brand to make money? Share your thoughts below.


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