SKN-RG Evolution Alpha Liquid Laser Lift: A Serum That Protects Skin From Modern Technology

SKN-RG Evolution Alpha Liquid Laser Lift: A Serum That Protects Skin From Modern Technology

SKN-RG vegan and organic combines the natural healing powers of plants with sound and light frequencies using Quanta Technology. Skin and Energy were the two main factors when Deborah, and husband Robert created SKN-RG in 2009. With clean beauty in mind, Deborah experimented with only the purest, most active ingredients that were backed by the leading scientists.

Don’t you just find it fascinating when a brand creates something quite revolutionary onto the mass market of skincare? A product that hasn’t been raised or questioned about within the beauty industry, only for one brand to perfect and capture the essence of this ongoing concern.

We have recently discovered that blue light technology is harmful to the skin, yes, our electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets could well be causing premature skin ageing.

Blue light technology is able to penetrate deep into the skin compared to UVA/UVB lights, absorbing straight into the dermis, disrupting the collagen process which results in immediate skin damage. Our elastin within the skin is also affected by blue light exposure, causing the skin to become slack and saggy, putting it bluntly. 

The new SKN-RG Evolution Alpha Serum pretty much has its own category in skincare. Deborah, founder of SKN-RG and I have recently been chatting away over Twitter about the brand itself, and what gave Deborah an idea to invigorate plant life with frequency using ‘the first of its kind’ quanta machine that somehow, positively enabled the plants to become supercharged. This allowed Deborah and her ‘partner in crime’ husband to extract the plants at their most pinnacle state. 

Having never experienced a product like this before, I was recommended to not compare the product to anything that may affect my overall thoughts on the serum. With Platinum water as the baseline ingredient in the Evolution Alpha Serum, this ‘not just simply’ water sources the harmful bacteria, attaching itself to reduce further cell damage. It’s pretty incredible to discover that by adding icons to water creates such a positive impact on the human body, don’t you think? 

Inside this unique gel serum is ingredients that even the likes of myself, a passionate skincare writer has never heard of in 5 years. I’ve been testing and reviewing lotions and potions all over the globe, and it shocks me to say that the ingredients I’m about to discuss are somewhat music you my ears, so the famous saying goes.

Let’s slowly begin with fumitory, a beautifully, purplish flower that lies anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Then, growing up to three feet high, Butchers Broom, an evergreen shrub is used for its circulation-boosting properties. Moving onto Prunella Vulgaris, known as the ’self-heal’ or ’heal-all’ plant, this extended member of the mint family acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, calming and de-sensitizing overreacted skin.

Slowly working our way to the pink and white lotus flower, Deborah infused their protein values into the evolution alpha serum that enabled skin to firm and tighten. Cat’s Claw and Marshmallow extracts both offer similar properties which makes this unique serum quite an anti-inflammatory hero.

Without overloading your brain any further from spellbinding ingredients, soothing witch hazel and willow bark extract are blended into the serum for their purifying, oil-controlling response.

Upon application to dampen or dry skin, the texture is rather fascinating to see and watch. As you begin to massage the product, your skin instantly comes to life. The freshness, vibrancy and overall appearance unveils from the surface.

For the first few seconds massaging the product, this serum felt like a second-skin primer that offered a smooth, comfortable base, that shortly after absorbed without a single trace in sight. There was a slight skin film from the application but this acts as a breathable shield from UV and blue light technology. The scent itself is utterly addictive that reminisces the mind to my childhood days.

Quanta Technology, a revolutionary dazzling machine that unlocks the true potential powers of plant species. This lean mean Quanta Machine sends sound and light energy pulses to plants. This intriguing process, somehow, energises, re-awakens the plants’ livelihood, supercharging their effectiveness to each and every formulation Deborah created in her laboratory, such this Evolution Alpha serum. 

The Evolution Alpha Serum from SKN-RG is something out of the ordinary, a product that shouldn’t be overlooked or marked as just ‘another serum on the market’. We’re talking about a multi-action, high-performance product that offers a broad spectrum of skin benefits.

Since day one, SKN-RG insisted on using only clean, skin-safe ingredients inside every formula. Deborah wanted her products to create a spark, an ignition of flash energy into the skin that allowed users to relocate their skin confidence and love again.

What’s your current serum that you love applying morning and evening? Were you aware that modern technology causes skin ageing? The product was kindly gifted.


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