Become A Ray Of Light This Christmas: NEW Sisley Stylo Lumière Highlighting Pen For The Light-Capturing Devotee

Sisley Stylo Lumière –– Mr. Wharff

Concealing the skin has always been a pleasure of mine, and that doesn’t necessarily mean hiding the unwelcome appearance of blemishes (thats when the Sisley Stylo Lumière comes in) Touch wood, I am rather fortunate to not suffer from so many pesky spots in my late 20’s, but with a good, solid skin care routine in check, I’ve never been so happy my skins current condition.

I’ve always had a glow to my skin, a complexion that isn’t created by soap and water but with a combination of exfoliating acids and proper cleansing. Sometimes, my skin needs a little help at hand to get back on the glow road to success, and this latest invention from Sisley ticks all the correct boxes for a glow-comotion.

The Sisley Stylo Lumiere! A radiance-boosting, instant complexion-perfection pen that breaks the boundaries of other concealers on the market. This wonder pen offers a multitude of skin-perfecting properties that will have you looking stunned in your most beloved vanity mirror. When does Sisley ever lets us down with their unforgettable, eye-catching launches?

The simple use of a concealer is enough for me to feel happy, positive and confident before walking out the door to work on those cold, dark mornings. I don’t always apply a concealer every morning, but when I’m sleep deprived, this handy little wand keeps my imperfections at bay throughout the entire day, and with a light touch of banana powder on top, this budge-proof concealer is here to last.

Inside this magic silver wand contains a mouthful of skin care complexes, curated and formulated to meet the demand for a radiance, boosting complexion. Golden apple tree extract acts as an energy skin booster, injecting essential nutrients. The natural miracles of oat seed extract smooths prominent wrinkles around the delicate eye area, softening and hydrating the skin. We also have white lily extract, the rather large but strikingly white flower brightens whilst improving the skin’s elasticity.

There are so many ways on how you can apply the Sisley Stylo Lumiere, the possibilities are endless, and with its handy cushion tip that applies the precise amount of application each time, you really can not go wrong. Simply apply alone onto bare, moisturized skin or over your favourite foundation for a complexion awakening.

I particularly like to apply the wand to areas that need an extra boost of life and radiance, and especially when work calls in the early hours of the morning. Fill up the soft cushion tip by twisting the opposite end until a sensible amount of product appears on the cushioned ballpoint tip and begin dabbing onto problematic areas that you’re wanting to address. I like to pay attention at applying on my laughter lines, crows feet and nose bridge to give the illusion of a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. 

The light, weightless texture adds a sense of comfort while enabling you to have full control of the product itself. With the added soft-focus pigments that allowed my skin to capture natural and artificial lighting from every angle possible, you couldn’t possibly wish for a better skin day.

Will you be the ray of light this Christmas with the Sisley Stylo Lumiere? What’s your favourite or go-to liquid highlighter of this season? 

We all get spots, and its something that’s out of our control, even with spot does appear out from nowhere, I’m always armed and ready to attack the unwanted enemy with a drop of spot-reducing oil by Sunday Riley.



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