Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream: The Cream That Sold 6,000 Pre-units Before Official Launch (A Definite Payday Treat!)

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The Sisley Black Rose line has been by far one of the most successful product ranges from the brand to date. Their cult black rose mask is a favourite amongst makeup artist and celebrities worldwide (yes, it’s that good).

We can all agree that Sisley isn’t cheap but their formulas and instant results make up for the high price tag. After all, Sisley isn’t another brand bought by EL Companies, this prestige French luxury brand is family owned. The brand have always focused on attention to detail at every aspect.

It was only time for Sisley to unleash the next black rose instalment of a precious face oil that captured the pure essence of the black rose flower. Sisley didn’t stop there, with 6,000 pre-sold units before the initial launch, the latest innovation black rose skin infusion cream became a worldwide phenomenon.

Us beauty fanatics have a thing or two for rose-scented items, we tend to associate the word Rose with something luxury, expensive, and precious. Sisley likes to make themselves known as one of most luxurious, prestige beauty brand around. Sold in 90 different countries across the globe, Sisley isn’t showing any signs of stopping. 

Delicately infused with four species of roses (alpine, may and black, rose oil) used for their youth-injecting ability. Combining the 4 together, Sisley’s latest innovation the black rose skin infusion cream sure withholds flower power.

Inside this lavishing jar of pure delight is cape gooseberry, a small yellow/orange fruit no bigger than a cherry tomato treats skin inflammation. This eye-catching fruit, swaddled in golden tissue leaves can also be seen on food garnishes too!  

The wonders of seaweed, Sisley added Padina pavonica extract into the cauldron of age-defending ingredients to increase skin density, firmness and hydration. Biosaccharide solution creates a thin-film over the skin acting as a protective barrier from outside pollution while retaining skin hydration. Now that’s what I call science! 

Naturally high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants, Hibiscus flower is infused with the mix. This trumpet-like shaped flower blooms in a variety of vibrant colours also help firm and tighten skin.

Combining all these ingredients together, you can imagine how deeply hydrated, radiant looking my skin looked and felt after applying. You don’t have to worry about sleeping the recommended 8+ hours a night (let’s be honest, who does).

Wanting to look your best doesn’t consist of endless sleeping or drinking gallons of water, although both are beneficial, Sisley has got you covered.

The texture is out of this world, imagine feeling a single raindrop fall onto the skin then instantly absorbing without a single trace. That’s pretty much how this magical potion feels. Someone referred the cream as splashing cold water onto the face feeling, although I beg to differ.

You could quite easily mistake the fragrance for an expensive eau de perfume spray. The contiguous signature scent of Geranium, Magnolia and Rose is what makes the Black Rose line as magical and successful till this day.

Are you a fan of Sisley Black Rose? What products have you tried from the line? Do you feel the price is irrelevent if the product works? Let me know by leaving a cheeky comment below.


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