Shea Moisture: Unleash The ’Feel Good Factor’ With African Water Mint, Charcoal & Ginger

Shea Moisture: Unleash The ’Feel Good Factor’ With African Water Mint, Charcoal & Ginger

Discover the natural wonders of Shea Moisture: A Better Way To Beautiful. We all deserve a little detoxifying now and then, our skin can become familiar with everyday body washes that aren’t always providing us with a deep, cleansing feel. Our skin desires ingredients to combat everyday dirt from sweat and pollution collected throughout the day. I’ve trialled a variety of body washes in hope for a ’deep cleanse feeling’, especially after an intense workout where sweat and perspiration becomes a second-nature of mine (f you’re not dripping with sweat, you’re not working hard enough)

If might just be me not to feel completely clean after a shower but using the appropriate cleanser makes a world a difference. The formulation is also a key point when it comes to feeling fully clean and refreshed. I like to purchase body washes with skin purifying properties, ingredients that will sweep away excess oil and smelly body odor. 

Introducing the Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox range. A ultra-purifying range of bavthroom must-haves for the bath/shower ’connoisseur’. This spellbinding collection contains a mammoth amount of skin reviving ingredients that’ll have you hooked from the very first sniff.

Let’s slowly begin with the Shea Moisture bubble bath & body wash.

Instantly eye-catching due to the naturally occurring color from the fascinating ingredients. This ’not just any old’ body cleanser is something to truly enjoy whilst taking a long, hot steamy shower on those cold, early mornings when getting up is a struggle than normal. Starting with African Mint Water that soothes, tones and treats troublesome skin in need of a little tender loving care. This exhilarating ingredient provides a rush of cool-ness to the skin that helps balance and calm irritation. Menthol is also added to provide skin freshness and a sense of awakening to the mind and body.

There’s also activated charcoal to withdraw impurities from the skin, an ingredient that’s mainly used for its detoxify skin properties. Microparticles such as daily grime and dirt buildup are carefully swept away thanks to the deep purifying power of charcoal. You also have the miracle of ginger root that restores the skins’ natural radiance and energy. Ginger also provides a warm, soothing feeling, helping your mind and body to fully relax from stress related thoughts. If you’re a bit of a stress head like myself then I would consider adding this product to your online shopping basket or wish list.

Trust me on this, after experiencing this body wash for the very first time, you will be startled by its unique, sensory fragrance. A body wash that’ll certainly make you feel refreshed and effortlessly cleansed from the selected ingredients inside. The product itself is quite thin-like and runny in texture, and although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you do get a gentle cream-like foaming action from the product.

Moving on gracefully to a body oil: a superbly, satisfying warming oil that instantly elevates your current mood. After falling in love with their body wash above, I knew I was about to have another love affair with the Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Detox Bath, Body & Massage Oil. Similar to how a body oil feels and absorbs on the skin but without the heavy residue that many oils can leave behind.

This multi-use treatment oil can also be swirled into a freshly made bath as an extra little skin treat. The detoxifying properties of charcoal, peppermint and ginger lavishly cleanses the skin as you submerge yourself into the water. There’s also a combination of moisturising coconut, olive and Shea butter to soften dry, thirsty skin. If you’re wanting to feel revived after a long day away from home comforts, it’s wise to make sure you have a good spare 30 minutes to enjoy the full benefits of this sensory and pleasurable body oil from Shea Moisture. 

I have high hopes for Shea Moisture to bring their skincare ranges to the U.K. From looking at the official website, It’s definitely something I feel would do extremely well in the U.K. market, and from the intriguing ‘exotic sounding’ collections available (coffee cherry, peace rose and kukui nut & grape seed to name a few) who wouldn’t feel enticed? 

What bath/body products are you currently using? Do you have a personal favourite that you can’t live without? These products mentioned were kindly gifted. This post contains an affiliate link.


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