Discover Retinol Like Never Before: Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum

Discover Retinol Like Never Before: Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum

Me and Sunday Riley go way back, the underlying love of Sunday’s exceptional formulas and current product line has got me weak at the knees (and quite literally). It’s brands like this that deserve the full recognition and public press, every product from Sunday Riley that I’ve experienced hasn’t yet not impressed me. I may have one or two constructive feedback on a couple of products, such as the C + E Micro‑Dissolve Cleansing Oil: a beautiful, well-balanced cleansing oil that removes every single trace of dirt and pollution pick-up, and although it does a great job of thorough cleansing the skin, I do wish it was a little thicker in consistency, but that’s my just my personal liking, however, this doesn’t lower the positives on how well this oil truly performs on the skin. 

Retinol, an ingredient loved and cherished by skin care fanatics across the beauty world. Widely known for its research-backed, proven de-ageing abilities, Sunday Riley went that extra step further by using a combination of various forms of retinoid derivatives, and the “world-class Retinol” itself and created a revolutionary serum. To be precise for my readers, an intriguing 6.5% solution of retinoid ester was carefully blended by a 1% liposomal-encapsulated retinol.

Did you know, CoQ10 depletes within the skin as we become older, day after day, causing our skin to become prone to free radical damage? Sunday combined the powers of antioxidant-rich CoQ10 to promote natural collagen production and elastin. While it’s important to take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, using a product containing antioxidant-rich CoQ10 will zap away free radicals, preventing future skin damage.

“Oh honey…” your going to love this next rarity of ingredient. Sunday introduced Kiawe Honey from the gorgeous topical island of Hawaii. This white, light amber coloured honey withholds protective phytonutrients, removing troublesome bacteria from the skin and shielding from future UV radiation.

Sodium Hyaluronate polymer is added into the blend to keep skin bouncy and replenished. The polymer structure side enables the ingredient to provide longer, more substantial hydration at the highest layers of the skin. Nature’s finest, Ginger is merged amongst the rest of the ingredients to enhance a radiant, golden glow, and overtime. This Superfood is also packed with remarkable anti-oxidants, reducing the amount of toxins in our skin cells.

Let’s talk about the product itself, and as it came with no “shock horror” surprise, the feel, texture and blend-ability is quite remarkable. The lightweight, easily spreadable texture is down to the mixture of silicones added into this next generation serum formula. Like Marmite (a favourable British spread) you either love silicones or hate them in skin care or cosmetics. For me, I don’t have any issues with using silicones, as long as you cleanse your skin properly before and after, you shouldn’t have a skin issue. These breathable silicones used within this high-potency serum simply acts as a carrier emulsion, allowing the active ingredients to work as expected.

To apply this retinoid serum, pump a drop or two over fully cleansed skin, concentrating at massaging the product for a good 10-20 seconds. When massaging, you’re aiming and wanting the very best result so spending that extra time working the product into the skin  makes the world a difference. You may feel a slight warming sensation from the retinoid ester and retinoid blend, and if you do, don’t panic, this is common for first time retinol users.

At first, I started to apply the serum every other evening, followed by a thin layer of my chosen facial oil on top for added hydration and nourishment. If my skin is looking grubby and slightly congested, I like to apply a small dose of Sunday Riley’s Acne Treatment Face Oil for the ultimate “double whammy” effect. On colder nights when my skin is in need of a much-needed moisture boost, I like to layer the serum with an emollient-rich, moisturiser.

Who is it for? Well, without opening a can of worms so to speak, a good age to start this treatment serum would be at 25 when the signs of youthfulness begins to slow-down and plummet. adolescence with acneic skin and post-scarring would highly benefit from using this serum alone. Retinol has been used and prescribed by doctors for many years to treat spots and blemishes, and although this may work a treat, the downside is that our skin isn’t always tolerable to prescriptive creams from the very beginning. With the Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum, users like myself will experience no downtime or any unexpected side-effects, although this isn’t 100% guaranteed.

In my first week of using the Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinoid Serum, I began noticing a vibrant, complexion boost that made my skin look uniformed and “camera-ready” so to speak. I did, however, alternate between Sunday Riley’s “iconic” Good Genes every other night for the very first few days, this allowed my skin to have first taste of this retinol hybrid retinoid serum. In week 2 and 3 two, to touch, my skin felt smoother, less bumpy looking to the public eye. By week 4, the visibility of ruddiness by a flare-up of dermatitis around my t-zone became less apparent, more even-toned. I’m so curious on the long-term use of this retinol serum by Sunday Riley as it’s something I really would like to continue using from now on.

Will you be giving this retinol serum a try? What Vitamin A treatments are you currently using?

This specific post is in partnership with Sunday Riley; all opinions, images and words are completely mine.


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