Improve The Appearance Of Pores Instantly With Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set (And A Little Talk About Mary Kay Ash, The Founder Of Mary Kay Cosmetics)

Improve The Appearance Of Pores Instantly With Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set (And A Little Talk About Mary Kay Ash, The Founder Of Mary Kay Cosmetics) — Mr. Wharff

I’ve been intrigued by Mary Kay for quite sometime now, the founder herself was very much a business leader who had a positive outlook on how a woman dominating business can be achieved without feeling judged or looked past on, to express her beliefs, success and future ideas.

Mary Kay wrote a book to help women on how to survive in the male-dominating world, which back then men mainly dominated the business industry, seeing a woman running her own empire was almost unheard of at that day and age. This successful entrepreneur was an inspiration to all woman over the globe who forever wished to become a better person confidently, and financially. Using $5,000 of life savings, and with the help from her 29-year-old son, Mary Kay Ash created Mary Kay Cosmetics. 

My guilty obsession is using exfoliants and face peels to keep my skin looking fresh as a daisy. Maintaining a clear, healthy complexion allows me to face the day with confidence. The Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set is something to truly consider when pores have become a life long issue, we’re forever looking for a complexion perfector to tackle away uneven skin texture to provide us with a flawless base before slathering on our favourite veil of foundation, and nobody likes a foundation to cling onto dry patches that can look cakey and unattractive, I’m sure one of you have experienced this issue? Well, I’ve found a bloody good solution!

Normally used in the doctor’s office, Alumina crystals, which is buffered in a slip agent and natural plant oils to provide a less abrasive feeling. The creamy, irresistible texture allows you massage with ease and comfort using very minimal product, a ten pence amount is more than enough. Make the most of the alumina particles by paying special attention to dry and congested areas and gently massage for a good minute or two, this will break down dead skin cells revealing a fresh, smoother texture. Some may experience a little redness which is completely normal from alumina crystals as fresh oxygen is revealed to the surface creating a healthy, rosey-cheek complexion.

You can apply the product onto dry or wet skin, depending on your current skin condition and how well tolerable your skin is to abrasive treatments, I would personally start applying onto damp, cleansed skin. You want to apply little pressure as you massage over the skin to reduce the likelihood of possible minor irritations. This isn’t an everyday scrub you can apply willy-nilly, we’re talking an advanced, professional, dermatology-like exfoliating treatment you should be only using once or twice a week. If you’re battling with ongoing blemishes then I wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole, you don’t want to spread the spot causing bacteria and causing further skin issues, although, Mary Kay does offer an exceptional facial peel that contains a high concentration of glycolic acid and skin soothing ingredients, perfect for acne and blemish sufferers.

Achieving that airbrushed flawless finish appears to be a trend in recent years especially with the youngsters who idolize the likes of Kim Kardashian who’s skin is almost picture-perfect. There’s no denying Kim is a fan of the latest facials and skin treatment to keep her skin looking in pristine condition, the key problem is that not everyone has money to splash to expensive facial procedures. Believe it or not, products are available on the market that do actually work and provide an instant satisfaction, just like this pore minimising serum that offers immediate and long-term results.

Infused with a blend of pore-supporting ingredients, Persian tree bark extract and soy bean extract, that both activate a tightening effect around the pore wall, mirroring a perfected skin appearance, close up and from a distance. The Mary Kay TimeWise Pore Minimiser can also double up as a skin perfecting makeup primer, pair this with your favourite foundation and see an instant, clear, visible difference. From my personal experience when using this serum, I can most certainly see a reduction of enlarged pores from looking in the mirror, I wouldn’t say they have vanished and never seen again but there is a noticeable size decrease around the upper cheek where my pores are apparent. The result of constantly squeezing blackheads on my nose during my adolescence has left long-term damage losing the flexibility that allows pores to snap back into shape, again, I see improvement but nothing spectacular yet, l’m guessing time will tell with continue use. 

What are your thoughts on pore-perfecting products? Do you have a go-to favourite that you swear by? 


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