Make Papaya Your New Best Friend: Welcome EREZ Organic Enzymatic Peeling Cream

Make Papaya Your New Best Friend: Welcome EREZ Organic Enzymatic Peeling Cream

It’s so refreshing to discover a new brand that offers something different on the table within the skincare realms. Recently, I’m finding so many newborn brands creating products that we can easily obtain and purchase from other brands on today’s market. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see a variety of options for consumers to pick and choose, but do we really need another dupe product that’s easily available to purchase within a few taps from a smartphone? I don’t think so. For the past month or two, I’ve been searching for indie brands that offer originality to the mass market of skincare, brands that catch my readers attention.

EREZ: Awaken Skin & Mind: an organic brand from Europe created by two friends that believed ‘conventional’ products shouldn’t run the mass beauty sector that we live in. Becoming tired and fed-up with brands using chemicals into their lotions and potions, the two found motivation from within to create an organic quality brand that used only the best natural ingredients around to offer a natural alternative result.

EREZ Organic are focused purely on ingredients from an evaluation book from the Czech Republic “Tajemství cosmetic”. A book that drew a silver lining between toxic and non-toxic ingredients. Founders, Marko & Zuzana guidance on the creation of EREZ was partly inspired by the book itself. With two full years studying the effects of ingredients used in everyday skincare, Marko & Zuzana wanted to go that mile and use effective, natural ingredients without compromising the best of their ability by adding unnecessary fillers into their formulas.

The very first product I’d like to talk about is based on Papaya fruit. EREZ Organic Fresh Papaya Peel is something out of the ordinary, meaning how gentle and thorough this cream performs compared to other ’peeling treatment’ on the market. Great for the sensitive soul that may have not experienced an exfoliating treatment before, and one that’ll like to lose their ‘peel virginity’ in a kindly manner.

Apart from the appealing crisp, white tube packaging and eye-catching imagery, the house ingredient papain works carefully at dissolving away dead skin and inactive proteins. We normally find this ingredient in an expensive toothpaste used to break-down tough stains from certain foods and drink we consume on a daily basis. Papain has a very similar effect on the skin, acting as a natural exfoliant removing pore-clogging dead skin cells from the surface. There’s also sodium hyaluronate: an impressive molecule that helps skin to retain moisture and volume loss from ageing. Slowly moving onto olive seed oil, this ’not so basic’ ingredient acts as an all-around beauty booster, hydrating and protecting our vital skin cells from oxidative stress and pollution. 

There’s also a pleasant, and enjoyable fragrance from the ingredients inside. I wouldn’t call it exotic as the Papaya fruit itself but somewhat sweet-smelling that doesn’t leave an unwanted linger on the skin. Either way, you’re going to really enjoy using this product.

This ‘fresh-a-peel’ papaya cream is quite frankly ’that’ moisturising you could well mistake this product for an everyday moisturiser, no joke. EREZ’s product direction is to leave on the product for at least 10 minutes, allowing the Papain enzyme to exfoliate, then to rinse off with clean, warm water. From my personal experience, l have left the product on as an overnight treatment, and because of how gentle and non-abrasive this product is, there is no reason not to leave on this papaya peel for more than 10 minutes. If you’re new to using skin peeling products, then, by all means, follow Marko’s & Zuzana guidelines. 

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Do you have a favourite exfoliant that you keep close by for when your complexion is in need for a rescue?

This is a paid advertorial feature in partnership with EREZ Organic. All opinions, experiences and words my own.



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