Out With The Old, In With The New: I Discuss The Reformulated Ella Jane Facial Wipes (And Why These Face Wipes Offer More Than A ‘Quick Fix’)


During my 5 years of writing about skincare, I have most likely moaned more about my hatred on face wipes than I do about absolute nonsense and life in general.

If you know me personally then you lucky ones would understand my way of thinking, how I act and what makes me moan, which doesn’t take an awful lot. In my dictionary, face wipes are a big no-no, in capitals, they simply provide a quick freshen up when needed and do not, and I repeat, do not offer a proper cleansing experience. 

High Street retailers, to name a couple, Boots and Superdrug are overwhelmed with the different types of face wipes you can buy cheap enough to put a smile on your face. These ’too irresistible to pick up’ wipes simply offer just a ‘perk up’ for the skin, and nothing more.

Don’t become lazy and opt for the quick fix and rub any old wipe over the skin, you never know what they really contain and the majority of the time these little monsters cause more harm than good. With unnecessary skin irritants such as alcohol, surfactants and artificial fragrances, it worries me that half the population haven’t got a clue what’s lingering inside their pack of favourite facial wipes.

There are, a few facial wipes in the world that do offer a satisfying ’quick cleanse’, for those busybodies, these particular wipes have my seal of approval for when the time is restricted, although not to be replaced by proper cleansing by no means.

If you’re looking for a quality wipe, with decent ingredients that offers more than just a convenient sweep of freshness over the face, Deborah Mitchell, founder and queen of bee venom has reformulated alongside her daughter, ElleJane the creation of the ever-popular EllaJane Celebrity Skin Wipes. Available in 3 enticing formulations to suit your current skin concerns and needs; Refresh, Renew & Heal.

Deborah was kind enough to send over a packet of Ella Jane Refresh Wipes for me to review, and boy, I’m very keen to let my readers know my overall thoughts.

Inside a single wipe is an infusion, a double whammy of peppermint and spearmint oils to gently breeze away excess oil on the skin that’ll leave you feeling skin-confident and fresh. The wonders of apple pectin strengthen and protects the skins own moisture barrier, so when you do apply a wipe midday the after feeling of skin tightness and irritation isn’t apparent unlike other wipes on the market.

Each wipe is perfected with luxury in mind and are twice the size as standard wipes, I wouldn’t expect anything less with Heaven skincare, that’s the difference with Deborah’s empire brand. The delicate drop of tea tree provides an antibacterial benefit to combat present blemishes and facial redness on the skin.

We also have avocado that not only softens and moisturises but also adds skin nutrients thanks to the most-wanted healthy fats our skin craves.

I was particularly shocked by how fantastic these wipes from Heaven felt on my skin, you really do feel like you’re getting a profound cleanse, something that other so-called cleansing wipes on the market do not offer, yet. I like to keep these in my work bag and apply just before hitting the gym. A single wipe was enough for my skin to feel and look refreshed, healthy looking and balanced for me not to apply a moisturiser over the top, great for heading straight to the gym.

These exceptional wipes also offer the perfect dose of moisture from the percentage of each ingredient soaked within each wipe, so be assured that every wipe will offer the same quality of ingredients and performance.

Are you a fan of face wipes? Do you use them more than actual cleansing? If you simply just prefer to use a wipe, then please do, for the love of God, invest into some quality ones like these bestselling wipes from EllaJane & Deborah from Heaven Skincare. 



  1. October 25, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    I absolutely love your writing it enthrals, I love it so much more when your talking about our products thank you from the bottom of my heart for this review.

    • October 26, 2018 / 8:12 am

      Thank you so much Deborah for those kind words!

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