One Winter Skin Saviour You Need This Christmas: GLAMGLOW WATERBURST™ Hydrated Glow Moisturiser

One Winter Skin Saviour You Need This Christmas GLAMGLOW WATERBURST™ Hydrated Glow Moisturiser –– Mr. Wharff.png

The Winter months have finally arrived which means a switch up in skin care is needed. It’s time to start focusing on layering and using skin-quenching ingredients that’ll keep our skin in tip-top condition throughout the cooler months. We know hyaluronic acid plays an important part in keeping our skin hydrated and younger-looking, you can almost find this beloved ingredient in almost every skincare cream release, and that’s a good thing. 

Glenn & Shannon, a couple who suffered an economic meltdown had a wildcard idea of creating a product that would offer a similar effect of an expensive hourlong  office facial, minus the wait time. With a small investment of $80, two entrepreneurs created and perfected with a group of cosmetic chemists a little pot of mud that unbeknown to them at that time, transformed their life’s completely. Who would have thought, a small lab sample that would change a couples life forever, financially, this is a perfect example of how turning thoughts into actions really work.

With the company itself making a phenomenal success in the face mask arena, GLAMGLOW decided to expand its ‘HELLO SEXY’ range with a curated collection of moisturising treatments. I was extremely lucky to have received one of the moisturizers to review for my loyal readers. Continue reading as I unravel the must-have facial treatment for this Winter season.

From the products silver/blue mirrored cardboard packaging that gleams from every possible angle, it would be difficult not to notice the products disingenuous material used. Opening the packaging invites you to a cheeky ’HELLO SEXY’ welcoming, something that Glamglow has continued to provide throughout the brand’s development. After all, it’s nice to be called sexy at times, and this little slogan will sure put a grin on many people’s faces. 

The product itself is something out of the ordinary. inside the beautifully presented jar contains a blue hue of alluring dreaminess of an almost buttery appearance. The mouth-watering fragrance hits you with an instant that gracefully lingers your nose buds. Upon application, the gel-cream consistency disperses easily with a single application of no more than a generous dollop, the texture soon undresses into a fine water like droplet than penetrates straight into the skin, leaving a sheen of glow.

What’s inside? Water from the luxurious volcanic island of Jeju is used because of its high level of purification; one of the least polluted waters in the whole world. We also have the patented TEAOXI® formula that offers oodles of skin-quenching and reparative benefits thanks to the euphoric, bright blue lotus flower. There is a selection of silicones added into the mix to improve the overall feel and absorption rate, although this shouldn’t become a concern for those with problematic skin. 

The natural wonders of  improves skin firmness and elasticity whilst offering protection against oxidative stress. Glycerin acts as a humectant, drawing natural moisture from the air into the skins outer layer, providing a healthy, looking complexion, an ingredient that gives you suppleness to the touch.

If you’re looking for a lightweight moisturiser that provides deep hydration throughout the day without feeling heavy or greasy, then this supercharged pot of moisture would make an ideal Winter treat for the majority of skin types, especially those with the driest of skins.


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