A Look At Nia Skin Care #SundayDetox: Targeted For The Generation X That Delivers Instant Complexion Perfection (PLUS A Highly Addictive Whipped-Up Clay Face Mask That Ends The Sunday Scaries)

We forever want a fresh, radiant complexion all year round, a natural inner glow that catches instant attention from the public eye. Even us gents like to stand out from the crowd with a tidy, trimmed beard. Perfecting our skin is constantly on the rise with television adverts promoting the latest anti-wrinkle cream that promises to erase every single wrinkle present, in-store advertising using a man or woman with already faultless, admirable skin. We all tend to forget that looking perfect isn’t everything, embracing those flaws will make you a better person in the long run. Easier said than done though, right? 

The pressure to look pristine at all times can promote a negative effect on how we perceive ourselves as a whole, I for one can admit to this, one minor imperfection can affect my mood for the entire day. nia skin care stands for ‘not into aging’, a brand targeted for the younger generation that wishes to embrace maturity, enhancing the natural inner glow and not worrying over a wrinkle or two spotted over a good long look in the mirror.

Confession time; sleeping full faced in heavy makeup is something many of us do, squinting constantly at our mobile phones and pulling those unattractive frowns without realising can affect the way our skin looks and feels on a day-to-day basis. Created by the big shots in anti-aging StriVectin, nia skin care is powered by patented NIA-114™ to tackle dull-looking, congested, city life skin into healthy, radiant skin that even the likes of J-Lo cannot compete with, and we know how much Jennifer loves her eye-popping glow.

We all love a good face mask slathered on our face when skin is in need of a little tender loving care. I’m a big believer that face masks do make a big difference and should be including within a skin care routine. The nia skin care whipped clay peel-off mask is something a little different to your usual tube or tub of face mask delight. Whipped up to perfection inside a canister lies a heavenly clay based, peel away mask that takes masking to a whole new dimension.

The exotic use of mango and Brazilian Caja exfoliates unwanted dead skin cells on the surface, increasing cell renewal, brightening skin appearance. Chaulmoogra restores skin dryness due to the rich fatty acids content. Lentil controls future sebum production, eliminating excess oil on the skin. Bamboo and white kaolin clay purifies congested skin, promoting a fresher, more uniformed complexion.

The mess-free nozzle applicator allows you to control how much product to release onto the hand, making sure the can is held with a firm grip, we don’t want the walls to look like they’ve had a fresh lick of paint. For perfect consistency and texture, shake vigorously before squirting the required amount, a decent palm-size full is more than enough for the entire face and neck area, yes, don’t forgot the neck and décolletage.

If you’re like me who doesn’t follow guidelines, you can rinse away the mask with clean water, you don’t have to slowly peel away product from the skin, in fact, I always find peeling products a little challenging to remove, that perfectly dried up texture as always been a struggle of mine to fully peel away from the skin, a proper good cleanse with your favourite cleanser removes the mask completely with comfort and ease. You definitely get that ‘feel good factor’ from the nia skin care Sunday detox whipped clay peel-off mask. The vibrant, uplifting fragrance is an added bonus too.

The ability to wipe away a dull, polluted complexion with a single application certainly wins me over, perfect to use after a long day working in an overcrowded, heavily polluted city. The unfortunate joys of city living may take a toll on your skin but the good news is that nia skin care are here to help.



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