Dive Into The New Year With Nourish Skincare (Plus Find Out The Hottest Ingredient Destined For 2019)

Dive Into The New Year With Nourish Skincare (Plus Find Out The Hottest Ingredient Destined For 2019)

As we introduce ourselves to the New Year, it’s the perfect time and opportunity to create a new focus, a fresh mindset on what you would like to achieve. What’s your New Years Revolution? Mines to focus on developing the blog at full potential and learning to step out of my comfort zone by allowing my loyal readership to see the ‘real me’. In 2019, expect to see the presence of myself all over your social media channels as I open up to the big wide world.

One other resolution I want to vanish into thin air is to stop over thinking, something that I’ve always struggled with since my early teenage years, over thinking can quite cleverly stop you from achieving your dreams in life and for most of us, over thinking isn’t the easiest to stop, especially at a crucial moment in your lifetime.

We can become our own worst enemies but until we do something about it, such as learning to become more positive, learning to love yourself for who you are, our troubled heads will just take over. 

My final revolution and one that’s just as important is to focus on my creativity across my social media and website, deep in my heart somewhere, I know I have so much to give for my current and potential readers other than just ’another product review’.

Whether it’s a fancy photo of myself, a story of my gym progress or an exciting brand collaboration, you never fully know what’s lurking around the corner, but let’s wish it’s a positive one.  

We all like to keep our skin in tip-top condition throughout the year, and sometimes with the unexpected change of weather, our skin can suffer from the harsh climate changes. The New Year is just around the corner so let’s begin on a positive note and introduce our largest organ in our body to Nourish Skin care.

Sometimes our skin needs a reboot, a reset to restore its natural health, and with the correct dosage of ingredients, you can truly see a difference. 

Beginning with the excitable kale enzyme exfoliator that cleverly acts as multi-use,  two in one cleanser and mask. Using pomegranate and pineapple to actively bite away dry, dead skin cells to unveil a fresh, clean canvas. We also have the delight of prebiotics that ’feed’ the good bacterial strain within the skin enabling to reinforce the skins appearance whilst working onto repairing existing imperfections, sparking a healing process for a healthy, radiant complexion. 

Since kale has become a stocked-up item in our kitchen for breakfast smoothies and leafy green salads, it wasn’t long until kale became part of our skin care routine. Nourish added this nutritious vegetable green because of its astonishing list of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants, and after a single application, you will see why this widely known leafy green is used all over the world for its youth-boosting properties.

You will really become drawn to the products sensual aromas of geranium and frankincense, and the fascinating texture that feels like nothing you have ever experienced before is an added bonus to this one-of-a-kind product from Nourish.

Following the prebiotic road, Nourish invented a reparative facial mask that I’ve been applying to provide my skin with a boost of mineral, prebiotic glory, and after a hectic last week of December, I’m sure many of us will appreciate a well-deserved skin treat.

I definitely enjoyed the products tempting texture that wasted no time stinking weightlessly into the skin, and within a matter of seconds, I could see a sheen of luminous, skin that appeared supple and relaxed, you couldn’t achieve something so quick and remarkable. 

The combination of lavender and myrrh oil, two of my favorite essential oils offer a warm, calming aura that makes this an excellent treatment for those wanting unwind after a long-winded day away from the warmth of home comforts, and that sigh of relief when opening the front door is something unbeatable.

Like the green-full kale exfoliant, this pleasurable facial mask contains a cauldron of probiotics and minerals to repair skin sensitivity from the constant weather change and the harsh effects of living in a city life where pollution is at its highest. The products texture is so delicate and blissful you wouldn’t have experienced anything quite like it before.

With the duo of sunflower and jojoba oil to treat and soften dry, sensitive skin, the use of omega-rich macadamia oil regenerates the natural skins’ barrier function, improving the overall appearance.

Containing a high amount of antioxidants and known as the ’super-fruit of the year’, maqui berry helps to boost the skin’s immunity whilst protecting against free radicals that may cause unwanted skin aging. Did you know that Maqui berries have around 30 times more antioxidants than an acai berry?

2019 is the year for people to go haywire for probiotic, natural skin care. I’ve seen a few brands slowly introducing or adding pre and probiotic ingredients late this year, and what a revolution it has been although many of us are still unaware and puzzled of the true benefits using these latest skincare drop. Luckily brands like Nourish explain clearly and easily on how bacterium goodness can aid the skins’ health and appearance.

Will you be diving into Nourish this January? What skin care staples will you continue to use in 2019?


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