Start Caring For Your Neck & Décolletage With Cult 51 (One Cream I’m Hooked On For Irresistibly Smooth, Ever Young Skin)

Start Caring For Your Neck & Décolletage With Cult 51 –– Mr. Wharff

We’re forever focusing on treating the skin on our faces, and what an obsession it has become over the years, and who’s to blame. With the revolution of potions and lotions appearing like no tomorrow, no wonder the beauty is worth a shocking £25 billion pounds, growing an outstanding 7% each year.

The average woman roughly spends £40 on a single shopping trip that consists of skincare, makeup and hair care, and us men aren’t far off that price point either. The big-wide beauty world isn’t planning on declining it’s valuable sales anytime soon, wouldn’t you agree? 

I don’t know about you, but creams and serums created just for the delicate neck area haven’t at all lured me into the temptation of purchase. I’ll be 28 next year in June and as many of us know, collagen starts to increase past the age of 25, those unwanted tale tale signs won’t be hiding forevermore behind the hidden veil of youthfulness. 

Let’s do something about it and make a ’realistic’ action on what may keep our neck and decolletage in-check for the near future, and as the famous saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. In fact, I’ve just started taking some excitable collagen supplements that I’m currently testing, the brand claims big with high expectations on results so be sure to stay in focus with my blog.

As with all CULT 51 products, you do get that feeling of pure luxury and temptation from the products simple, but alluring packaging, giving you that exciting buzz we all want to feel from a high-end, luxury brand. Protected inside an adoring, frosted glass bottle, this enticing bottle of natural actives contains a mouthful of lifting, sensual ingredients that promise to provide an instant and long-term effect.

Let’s get started and begin with collagen. A soluble formulation is used that diffuses into our skins natural moisture, acting as a temporary filler to erase the appearance of prominent fine lines and wrinkles. We also have caffeine that works by improving the clarity, colour and skin tone around the neck and décolletage area. A welcoming trio of marigold and horse chestnut, both of which are renowned for their soothing but also revitalize effect on the skin. Liquorice is added into the blend, promoting a uniformity of even skin tone, thanks to the roots natural lightning agent.

Often labelled cica cream due to the herbs skin soothing effects, the Gotu Kola plant provides a skin firming effect upon application, stimulating and tightening the skin where needed. This particular ingredient is becoming quite the phenomenon amongst the latest beauty finds, especially in the eastern market. 

We tend to neglect the neck area as a whole, improper cleansing and equate moisturisation will cause the skin to aged a lot quicker than you think. So the next time you cleanse with your favorite face cleanser, morning and evening, don’t forget the ’all important’ neck and décolletage.

Apply the CULT 51 cream by paying special attention to press and release the product; using the palms of your hands, lifting your hands away each time, and then repeat. The silky, luminous, fresh feel cream rapidly absorbs into the skin leaving a noticeably smoother, refreshed skin appearance, and the pleasurable scent of white gardenia flowers makes this a real treat for floral scented lovers

With 96% of people in clinical trials noticed an instant tightening effect during use, and although I cannot comment on what age group those participants were,  true to the feedback, you really do feel a rush of firmness from the cream after use, and one that’ll make you look better instantly.

I definitely enjoyed using the CULT 51 product whilst in test, and will carry on using to see if the possibility of long-term results rise to the surface. The hydration, softest and overall appearance is noticeable from the visible eye, and one I wasn’t originally expecting. Our skin on the neck is mostly protected from some form of clothing or accessory, and within reason, we shouldn’t treat it any different as the the skin above it, if not more.

What are your thoughts about neck creams? Do you feel they’re necessary or just a marketing ploy? Known as the ‘revolutionary 3D Skincare brand’, you can pickup your very own bottle of the CULT 51 Neck and Décolleté Firming Cream here.


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