My Latest Obsession: The Irresistible Sisley Phyto-Lip Delights (A Gel-Balm Transforming Oil With A Splash Of Colour)

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I’ve always had a crave of colour on my lips, I’ve been told that I have full-looking kissable lips and that they shouldn’t go to waste. I’m a firm believer that applying a good lip balm provides a wave of endorphins making you feel pretty good about yourself, and your lips.

We live in a world full of different types of lip treatments that can feel somehow overwhelming and complex for the mind. Most of us want a product that provides enough hydration and comfort without having that sticky, irritating feel on the lips. We also want a touch of colour, something subtle but not over baring to the public eye. 

Sisley Paris have recently launched an intriguing trio of lip delights that offers a splash of juicy colour while enhancing the lips natural contour and size, giving you a plumper more apparent looking smack of lips. Don’t expect the same results of lip injections or fillers (let’s not even go on that subject). With a 3 mouth-watering  shades to choose from, there is a perfect shade for the keen lip lover who enjoys applying their favourite lippy on a daily basis.

Rather than providing a full-on colour to the lips, Sisley have cleverly created a trio of colours that complement each lip pigment, providing a sheen of subtle  colour with every application, you could become ‘treat wise’ and stick to a single swipe for a pop of colour but the good news is that you can build up the intensity depending on how generous you’re feeling, after all, they aren’t the cheapest lip balms on the market, but having said that, you won’t find a product quite like it. 

With an enticing blend of lip plumping, nourishing ingredients. Shea, jojoba and plum oil provides the lips with long-lasting comfort and hydration from every application, the natural glaze of shine becomes eye-catching to the public eye, great for daytime wear when a splash of soft colour is needed on the lips. From the wonders of brown seaweed, padinami, a natural synthetic of hyaluronic acid that firms and plumps, improving the overall appearance for younger-looking lips. Sisley is one of the very few to have this ingredient inside a lip product, and that’s what I like about Sisley as a whole, creating a fresh wave of products that contain active ingredients unheard of in the beauty industry.

Will you be getting your mitts on the Sisley Phyto-Lips Delights? What is your current go-to lip product?


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