Find Out What Music Keeps Me Motivated To Blog (And I Share A Little Pastime Pleasure That May Surprise You)

Find Out What Music Keeps Me Motivated To Blog (And I Share A Little Pastime Pleasure That May Surprise You)

There’s no denying my passionate love for music. The way music makes me feel inside comforts and controls my emotions, when times get hard I know a few songs that will uplift my mood and spirit. Vocals or not, music has always been at the very bottom of my heart. I took up singing tuition and once recorded my very first cover track of Waves by Mr. Probz a few years ago, but unfortunately my cover song never came to light, work got in the way and the producer had to prioritize his other projects. He did provide me with a thirty second snippet of my song but that was never published or shared (and no, you cannot have a sneaky hear of it, well maybe one day, but not just yet).

Music is all around us, wherever we go in the world, the sound of music provides an expression on our faces, we sing and dance along to the beat, creating a wave of energy that sparks a positive effect on the way we act and feel. How about that one special song that emotionally connects our inner feelings and thoughts from the past? Isn’t music just pure magical? Music helps me concentrate when writing weekly blog posts, without sound or noise, putting my thoughts and ideals onto paper would be almost impossible.

Turkish music is also a favorable choice of mine; I’ve always found foreign language intriguing and enticing to listen, the way every word is sang speaks a million of different emotions that I don’t feel with English words. I’d quite happily relax to an album sang in Turkish all day long. Hadise, a Belgium-Turkish singer I’ve been following since her performance at Eurovision in 2009 with her international hit song ‘Dum Tek Tek; an uptempo, rhythmic pattern song that instantly becomes a catch due to repeated but addictive chorus. Clearly influenced by Turkish music is what makes her songs rather special and surprising till this date, Hadise’s raw, R&B infused vocals captures the absolute best of her ability. If you fancy listening to Hadise check out ‘Yas Günü’ (Birthday) and ‘Sifir Tolerans’ (Zero Tolerance).

Speaking of Turkish music, I’ve recently discovered Edis, his voice is pure indulgence and heart-melting, you’ll have him on repeat without a doubt. Adis has certainly swept me off my feet with his sexy, masculine vocals. Adis has recently released his latest album ‘An’ that offers a blend of modern pop dance and Turkish tradition music.

Originally from Sweden, Therese Grankvist is well known for her collaboration with Stonebridge with their song ‘Put ‘Em High’ and ‘Take Me Away’, just Google search and you’ll instantly recognize the two tracks, just be prepared to relive your youth. Therese’s soothing but ass kicking vocals provides a sense of motivation and comfort. Her first album ‘Acapulclo’ completely blew me away and still is a personal favorite of mine, an album that allows you to discover Therese as a singer and person, showcasing her life and experiences in one album.

We’re smooth sailing to Nadia Ali, a woman with the most exotic, blissful vocals that beautifully linger into the soul and mind, creating a real emotional treat. Nadia made a name for herself after the release of ‘Rapture’ with IIO. With Nadia’s captivating vocals, you really do feel connected to her thoughts and emotions as she gracefully sings which to me is something rather magical from an artist, having the ability to touch many peoples hearts all over the world. With Ali’s latest project ‘HYLLS’ that departs the electronic/dance arena into somenthing completely out of the blue, HYLLS is a jaw-dropping project you have to discover, soak in the mesmerizing vocals and capture her true emotions.

What music drives you to become creative? Do share your answers in the comments box below.


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