One Happy Son: First Ever Skincare Routine For Mum (And What A Difference It Has Made!)

One Happy Son: First Ever Skincare Routine For Mum (And What A Difference It Has Made!)

I love my mum, and although I probably don’t show it as often as a son like me should, that delicate, four letter word doesn’t get much mention in the household. We have that famous ‘love hate relationship’ that if you spoke to my oldest siblings, all three of them would say we’re like an old married couple, nip picking and moaning about the smallest things that irritates one another. We have a bond that has developed overtime, a connection like never before.

My Mum knows that I have an deep passion in the skincare industry. Mum has always giggled and laughed at how I ramble on about skincare, and between you and me, I’m surprised I don’t give her a constant headache. It must go out from one ear to the other as what mum wants to learn about the benefits of proper cleansing, or an ingredient that tackles a specific skin concern? Not my mum.

Mum has always stuck to her classic bar of Dove soap, a family soap loved by millions around the globe. Before my blogging career, Dove was also a favourite of mine to use in the bathtub, I loved it’s iconic fragrance and rich-cream lather that gently washed away impurities. It was a soap that wouldn’t leave your skin feeling thirty for hydration.

With good intentions, I wanted mum to experience cleansing at a whole new level, and after some heavily convincing, I finally got my stubborn mum to dive into her very own skincare routine, a routine that’s straightforward, effortless and easy to complete.

When people come up to me asking what cleanser I’d recommend it would be the NIP+FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix; a fabulous, citrusy-smelling foaming wash that gentle exfoliates the skins’ surface, removing the daily buildup of dirt and grime. I recommended this particular cleanser to mum because she wanted a product to improve her overall complexion and uneven skin texture. Olive oil is also added into the cleanser to improve internal hydration. Although Mum doesn’t apply this blissful cleanser everyday, it’s a start of something new that I know she’ll pursue with.

Here’s what Mum has to say about this cleanser:

“John is constantly reminding me to cleanse my face with this cleanser, and after many attempts of getting away with it, I finally gave in and washed my face with this stuff that John keeps going on about. It’s hard to admit, but John was right, this wash definitely made my skin feel softer and healthy-looking.”

I’m a firm believer that exfoliating acids are the key ingredients to healthy, radiant skin. Ever since discovering the powers of treatment acids my skin has gone from spotty to a radiant, blemish-free complexion. I normally don’t share my favorite treatment products to anyone, not even my Mum, but this time I made an exception.

The Filorga Oxygen Peel Lotion contains a deliciously sounding 6-6 ratio of chemical acids that delicately ’micro-peels’ the very top surface unveiling a fresh skin complexion from beneath. Citric, glycolic, salicylic, mandelic and phytic acids work together in harmony without causing an uproar of skin irritation. 

“At first, my skin began to tingle, something that I’ve never experienced before from a product. My son John did pre-warn me about a possible tingly sensation but reassured me that this is quite normal from the exfoliating acids within the product. I could not believe the amount of dirt that came off my skin, I don’t apply this every evening as my skin can become a little sensitive but I’m happy with how my skin is looking so far.”

The next product I introduced to Mum is the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I’ve been using this cream on and off throughout my blogging career and I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is the one cream I will never forget.

It’s luxurious, satin-like texture ’drip feeds’ the skin with hydrating and wrinkle reducing nutrients that is clinically proven to work in 14 days. With a duo of two algae species, Mediterranean and padina pavonica that both work in synergy to provide the ultimate skin-reviving cream.

Here’s what Mum has to say about the cream:

“I really like how lightweight and non-greasy the product is. My skin definitely feels softer, more hydrated after application. I can definitely tell that my wrinkles appear less apparent. The texture works really well with my BB Cream from Avon too. The first time I noticed a difference in my skins appearance was at my local hairdressers mirror, I was shocked and couldn’t believe that a simple, everyday skincare routine would really make a difference to a 60+ year old woman.”

Have you introduced a family member to your beloved skincare must-haves? I’d love to hear from you below. This post may contain affiliate links.


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