Molton Brown To The Rescue With Men’s Skin Care (And Yes, Molton Brown Does Male Grooming!)

Molton Brown is a brand I haven’t particularly focused on throughout my writing history. I’m a big geek for skin care that contains the latest lab ingredients targeting skin concerns. As many of you may know, Molton Brown specialises in ultimate luxury bath and body care products fit for a king. This British born brand is known for its incredibly scented products that captures the heart and soul of globally sourced ingredients.

Since 1973, Molton Brown have been the leading bath, body and beauty connoisseurs of London. Die-hard fans spend that little extra with Molton Brown and stock up on their favourite scented shower gels and hand washes. Having experienced their black pepper body scrub bar that lavishly deep cleansed and invigorated my senses, I knew then Molton Brown was something worth investing. Skin care for men is on the rise and what better gift to receive this Christmas other than Molton Brown. Continue reading below as I unveil three spectacular grooming essentials from the brand that might end up being staple items.

The African Whitewood Balancing Face Wash is a name that instantly draws your attention to the product. This mouth-watering skin wash is great for all skin types (even acne prone). The delicate gel texture transforms into a silky cream that softly purifies away dirt, oil and pollution accumulated throughout the day. Mandarin oil provides an uplifting experience awakening dull, tired looking skin. Salicylic acid gently exfoliates skin, removing the very top layer unveiling a clear, crisp complexion. Perfect to use before shaving.

In a gorgeous chromatic blue tube that glistens on every dimension, the Molton Brown American Barley Skin-calm shaving cream ticks all the correct boxes when looking for a quality, non-irritating shaving cream. Infused with barley extract that comforts and protects the skin from sensitivity during application, the richness and density of the cream itself provides enough lubrication to allow your favourite razor glide over with ease and control. For the ultimate shaving experience, invest in a well-designed quality razor like the Bolin Webb Men’s R1 Razor, a personal favourite of mine that has the most comfortable non-slip grip, and anti-bacterial.

If you’re a fan of luxury candles, check out  this mature single wick candle from Molton Brown one here

Luckily for me, I have never suffered from dark circles or puffiness around the eye area, but when I’m not looking as fresh awake I do like to dive into an eye gel that replenish and restores my youthfulness. I featured the Molton Brown bai ji eye gel in my festive Christmas post here. If you’re like me who is never at home and always on the go, throw this is your rucksack and apply when you need a little refresh and wake up from the modern hectic lifestyle.



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