The Must Have Moisturiser For Early Risers: MMUK Men’s Makeup Morning After Recovery Gel (And Why Every Man Needs A Bottle)

When your favourite moisturiser just doesn’t cut it on those cold early mornings, sometimes our skin needs a little boost from time to time to wake up the skin cells, reducing the appearance of fatigue and tiredness. Alex Dalley, founder of MMUK Men’s Makeup spent many months inside the laboratory with scientists to perfect a product that would impress his long list of loyal customers and potential new customers. I’m extremely lucky for Alex to send me one in return for an honest opinion of the product, continues reading as I reveal on why this recovery gel has become a must-application every morning.

We all like a product that instantly creates a positive effect on the skin, it doesn’t have to cost a bomb, those littlest things in life are always cherished and remembered, in any shape or form. This recovery moisturiser gel from MMUK Men’s Makeup will become your go-to when skin is craving a flash of energy and hydration after long, sleepless night from lifestyle choices that we make. This fresh, invigorating gel will combat the common morning signs of skin deprivation.

The MMUK Men’s Makeup Morning After Rescue Gel contains an energizing blend of ingredients that will wake up the skin with a single slather. The natural use of seaweed extract provides an anti-inflammatory response on skin that soothes, nourishes and de-puffs enabling you to become worry-free on important days where looking in top form is important.

The months of Summer seem a long distance with the unfortunate British weather, when the warmth does arrive, heavy moisturisers will be replaced by lighter alternatives and less makeup is applied for that ultimate no makeup ‘makeup’ look. I can definitely see me reaching for this on an everyday basis when warm, luscious Summer is here but for now this wonder moisturiser gel from MMUK Men’s Makeup will be my skin saviour when I’m looking a little worst for wear.

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The supreme use of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) prevents future water loss from the skin while providing a hydrated, youthful-looking appearance. Naturally found within our body, this vicious like gel acts as a moisture drawing humectant to seal in hydration. Life in general can affect the way skin appears, the environmental factors like pollution, change of weather, and excessive sun exposure can lead to a disruptor within the moisture barrier that effects how we age in appearance.

I particularly like to keep my bottle in the fridge for maximum benefits, anything you apply cold onto the skin will provide an instant soothing effect on swollen, puffy skin. If you need a dose of hydration and comfort on those hard-to-get-up mornings, apply a generous amount all over the skin focusing on problematic areas. You can apply the moisturiser gel on specific areas where you would like to treat such as under eyes, you don’t have to slather on the gel everywhere. The MMUK Morning After Recovery Gel is a true staple-piece for when your skin needs step up to the game.

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