The Face Cleanser Like No Other On The Market: Merumaya NEW Mineral-Rich Cleansing Paste #BeautyHasNoAge

The Face Cleanser Like No Other On The Market: Merumaya NEW Mineral-Rich Cleansing Paste –– Mr. Wharff

Are you ready for the revolutionary cleansing paste from Merumaya? Cleansing is one of the most important steps to take upon achieving the ultimate crystal complexion, and by cleansing meaning using an appropriate face cleanser twice a day, without fail, and no, I will not accept facial wipes as your ‘daily cleanse’. I for one have noticed a difference in how my skin is appearing and acting since starting a daily cleansing ritual.

The quality, radiance and inner shine that unravels as you begin to really take cleansing seriously rather than a ’quick wipe’ or a ’splash of water’ is second to none, and yes, I know what you’re thinking, who has time to cleanse ‘properly’ twice a day, 365 days a year? The answer is everyone! Getting up five to tens earlier on those dark, gloomy mornings may be a struggle but proper skin cleansing will take years off you in the long run.

I have to admit, and how boring it sounds, cleansing is my favourite part of the whole routine, the different types of textures and scents provides an exciting part of a cleansing journey. Who doesn’t love discovering a product with an exhilarating sensory experience? How crazy or sad this may sound, my evening cleanse helps me to relax, de-stress and forget about any worries that maybe lingering inside my mind, I call it free therapy. How do you relax after a stressful, exhausting day at work? What’s your favourite beauty must-haves that help you to unwind for a relaxing evening?

With a strong press and blogger following, Merumaya has grown into a brand that focuses on providing everyone, including the alpha male, deep trust and evidence-driven skin care. A brand that firmly believes positivity of youthful ageing is the key to beauty-confidence. Merumaya isn’t a brand that copies or follows other brands’ trend of lotions and potions that promises to somehow remove the unwanted with so-called ‘miracle’ creams, Merumaya is proud to provide an array of uniformity skin care for all genders, ethics and ages, a brand that doesn’t go back on their words. You can trust your soul and skin into Merumaya, and that’s the difference.

Brand new to myself and the cleansing family, the mineral cleansing paste from Merumaya is something that caught my eye on social media, an unheard creation that hasn’t really been created before within the overwhelming beauty industry. With the brands’ deep passion on using high-performance ingredients, such as vital minerals inside this tube of enticement; copper, magnesium and iron work in synergy, together, at detoxifying and balancing the skins natural pH levels, resulting in a healthy, happy complexion inside and out.

Zinc, a common mineral used amongst other brands is added to settle excess sebum production whilst helping to promote new, fresh skin cells. When you apply this unique creation from Merumaya for the very first time, a fresh, naturally radiance complexion appears from within, thanks to the combination of minerals mentioned above.

Aluminum oxide isn’t just a standard scrubbing component, there are a few benefits from using aluminum oxide on the skin. The use of carefully fine milled crystals provide a welcoming exfoliation, like a microdermabrasion treatment so to speak. This powerful, exfoliating agent gently buffs away the outer layer of the epidermis, rejuvenating the skin’s elasticity, boosting collagen production.

We also have silicon, not to get mixed with silicone that is used as a skin-smoothing agent in skin care which allows you to carelessly spread, or massage liquids over the skin with ease and comfort. The true miracle worker, Silicon provides oodles of skin benefits from it’s ability to retain skin moisture to absorbing bad bacteria from the skin. Maleka also included radish root ferment that acts a natural, safer preservative.

To apply, simply add a generous amount of the mineral-rich paste onto dry skin daily, or every so often when you feel skin is in need of an extra level of deep cleansing. With using little pressure, massage in upwards motions to promote anti-gravity and to increase blood circulation, then, wet fingertips in fresh tepid water and begin to message for the second time, focusing on problematic, congested areas. The pastes delightfully creamy, yet refreshing texture that truly makes it a spa-like feel or future ritual might I add. An exhilarating, sensual fragrance is released from Maleka’s signature blend of captivating oils selected for their soul uplifting benefits.

You could, well I do, take this with you on your gym days, perfect to use after an intense, sweaty workout as the concoction of minerals used will help calm sudden facial redness bought on by the rush of energy used. The use of sweet almond oil loosens excess sebum secretion and sweat, pulling away dirt and grime from the skin.

Honestly, I really did see a noticeable difference after use, a product that provides an instant clean canvas effect that’ll have you looking twice in the mirror. Trust me, this is a certain game changer in the big wide world of cleansing. Merumaya have found a gap in the cleanser market and have done so brilliantly with the mineral cleansing paste. 

What’s your current favourite cleanser at the moment and why? Have you thought about switching up your cleansing routine? Well, now is the chance with Merumaya’s Mineral Cleansing Paste.


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