Feeling All Nostalgia With Old School LYNX: Discover The New Gold Fresh Fragrance That You’re Gonna Fall In Love At First Whiff

I don’t know about you but Lynx have definitely upped their game in recent years creating tangible, addictive scented grooming essentials for the modern man. I could remember in my early teens at high school that the scent of Lynx Africa lingered across the corridors and used changing rooms from a sweaty run around of cross-country; running endlessly around a muddy field in the freezing cold, pouring with hard rain is something I always dreaded and try to avoid doing, even if it meant having a sneaky day off from school, me and physical education never mixed.

I’ve fallen in love with LYNX latest 2018 Gold line that offers a very modernistic, sublime scent that reminds me of the original and highly rated One Million by Paco Ranbanne, but with a less sweet, punchy approach. Let’s start talking about the positives from lynx’s latest scent.

Firstly you’re going to be surprised by how obsessively addictive the Gold line truly is, you could quite easily mistaken the fragrance as something you would find along a premium fragrance hall sitting next to the likes of CK One, Ted Baker and Joop, the use of dark vanilla and oud wood definitely provides the fragrance with a more lavishing experience.

With a line of compelling products that ignites the new modern fragrance, I can see  LYNX Gold becoming a top seller for every man. The scent was carefully developed to suit all ages balancing the correct dose of sweetness and maturity. There’s a hair and body wash that oozes with satisfaction, great to throw in your gym bag as an all over wash that gently lathers into a rich but lightweight cream for the ultimate cleanse. 

There is also an instant shower foam that releases the most indulging burst of frothy fun, shower time has never been so playful, a definite personal favourite from the entire range. Stepping up the game with a pure, signature fragrance capturing the true notes of dark vanilla and oud wood, this daily wear fragrance invites you to discover Lynx’s full potential with an impressive product release to date. One reviewer online wrote ‘better than my overpriced aftershave’, now surely that’s telling you something. 

Starting with the top notes from mandarin, coriander and black pepper, each product features within the charming LYNX gold fragrance. At the heart is nutmeg, Clary sage absolute and a base of vanilla, tobacco and patchouli.

Lynx really are shaking off their over fragrance, headache causing past releases into something truly remarkable. I wasn’t particularly keen on LYNX as a schoolboy, the overuse or dare I say ‘misuse’ of spraying from the troublesome teenagers caused my asthma to play up, until now, I’ve always kept guard from an aerosol of lynx spray. If you haven’t yet experienced the latest collection from Lynx you can get your mitts on your very own at most Boots stores across the country. You can always order from boots.com and catch the ever famous 3 for 2 offer.


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