Lumity Life: Beat The Winter Blues With A Nutritious Facial Oil That Feeds 32 Botanicals Into The Skin

Lumity Life: A Nutritious Facial Oil That Feeds 32 Botanicals Into The Skin

We’re discussing a beauty oil from Lumity that might convert you to the ‘oil side’ of skincare.

During the blizzard time of winter, it’s important to keep our skin in tip-top condition throughout the colder months. Our skin can become the main target during a cold, gloomy day. Skin dehydration occurs that can have a negative impact on how our skin appears and feels to touch.

I particularly like to focus on using a combination of serums and facial oils during the winter months to keep my skin replenished and on top form. Maintaining skin nutrition is important throughout the whole year and especially after an illness. We all catch that unfortunate ’winter bug’, a bug that affects the way we look, that expresses to the world how truly you’re really feeling inside.

By taking regular vitamin c to guard your body from unwanted viruses throughout the year and using the right skincare products you can dodge the signs of fatigue and beat the ’winter blue’ appearance.

For someone like myself who has been very fortunate to discover a variety of facial oils during my four years of blogging and working with a number of brands worldwide. I know when I’ve found a decent facial oil, an oil that contains 32 plant and fruits extracts, reviving and nurturing the skin inside, and out.

The Lumity natural anti-ageing facial oil offers complete skin nourishment, drip feeding the skin with a cauldron of skin-loving oils to bring life back into the skin from a couple of delicate drops of Lumity

It’s important to make sure the skin is properly cleansed before applying any type of product treatment. If you have been following the trend feed on Twitter, you may have noticed the hashtag ’#60secondrule’ that has been causing quite a storm throughout the beauty Twitter world. A hashtag that many of us were shocked to discover that if you cleansed your face for a whole 60 seconds allowed your favourite cleanser to perform at its very best. So far, the results from Twitter fanatics have been phenomenal, people are seeing a vast improvement within their troublesome complexion.

This also applies with this Lumity treatment oil, massaging the product for a good minute or so allows the ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin, enabling you to achieve the desired results. 

It’s time to discuss some of the treasured ingredients used within the Lumity facial oil. Are you ready? Starting with blueberry, cranberry and goji extract, a trio of berries that provides all-around antioxidant protection against skin ageing.

Argan, baobab, marula and kukui nut oil offer total skin nourishment, inside and out, thanks to the rich combination of omega content within. These ’fantastic four’ oils also work wonders at curbing skin irritation such as common facial redness and minor breakout. Gotu kola is also added into this gold lust blend as an ameliorate, healing old and new scarring. 

Lumity wanted to add a ’feel good factor’ when using their facial oil onto the skin, and rightly so. Consumers like to feel good when applying a particular lotion or favourite face cleanser, it’s one of the reasons why that particular product is successful in the mass market of beauty. Take the PIXI Glow tonic for example, a worldwide phenomenal exfoliating treatment that ‘really’ does provide a shot of glow-getting radiance and pleasure using.

If a product doesn’t offer a feeling of satisfaction, it won’t sell. Lumity invited ho wood, may chang and sandalwood essential oils for their ability to calm, uplift, and exhilarate the mind from everyday stresses. 

You can apply the oil either morning or evening, or both. I like to add a few drops inside the palm of my hands focusing on massaging the oil for a good couple of minutes onto the skin, this allows the ingredients to fully penetrate deeply and work at their potential.

Somehow, and I don’t call it simply magic, but my skin looked smoother, and conditioned that retained a luminous sheen of vitality throughout the day. It’ll be interesting to see if further improvements arise from using the product long-term, which I’m pretty confident about.

The Lumity beauty oil itself smells subtly sweet that slowly lingers onto the skin before disappearing. An aroma like no other facial oil on the market, trust me, you will become hooked upon the first whiff.

What are your thoughts on facial oils? Do you have a favourite oil that you enjoy applying during the cold winter months? 


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