Lab Series MAX LS Collection For The Age Concern Man: Two Must-Have Products For The Hardworking Man That Will Re-Energise & Hydrate The Skin.

Me and Lab Series have developed a brand new relationship with each other, I became loved up with their solid water essence that provided my skin an instant burst of energy and hydration, the ‘famous’ multi-action face wash gave me a superior deep cleanse, removing every single trace of dirt, oil and impurities, a great one to throw in your gym bag for an invigorating wash experience after working up a sweat. In this in-depth blogpost today I share and express my feelings on the Lab Series ‘MAX LS’ range that offers more than just everyday grooming.

Starting with the daily renewal cleanser, a product that doubles up as a deep cleansing, oxygenated face mask, something that I’ve never come across before in the male grooming industry, this is certainly a first for me, being renowned for my obsession with anything ’cleansing’ this particular item slipped from my ever growing radar of beauty finds. Rich, but never greasy, this creamy cleanser provides a thorough, deep cleanse using a complex of ingredients to fight aging skin whilst retaining natural skin moisture. Japanese knotweed withholds antibacterial properties, great for the modern man concerned with occasional blemishes and shaving havocs. 

The gentle use of myrtle green left extract acts as a natural skin astringent, preventing excess oil and shine to rise from the surface, this is an everyday challenge for the upcoming gentleman, with the constant change of weather, pressured jobs and dietary, no wonder us men have a fight on our hands with dull looking skin. Hyaluronic acid, rice extract and algae provides ’proper’ hydration and comfort as the cream gets to action cleansing away everyday grime and dirt caused by pollution and outside humidity. I particularly like to apply this cleanser in the evenings when my skin is shouting out for a complete cleanse, and although I’m left with a slight dry touch feel, the fresh, vibrancy appearance isn’t something to complain about.

Next up we have the Lab Series Age-less Power Lifting Cream that works by tightening natural contours of a man’s skin, repairing the visible signs of wrinkles by adding hydration and improving skin’s appearance by supporting natural collagen production. Within this crystal clear, eye-catching container is a satin-like cream that looks rather deceiving from first glance,  I was expecting a thick, heavy texture of a cream but with a delightful surprise I was wrong, the cream started to melt as soon as I applied a comfortable amount onto my face allowing me to spread gently without adding pressure. As my skin type can change from season to season, just like the typical British weather, the moisturisation from the cream satisfy my skin’s constant craving for thirst relief. The use of paraffin and combination of silicones is what gives the cream a a slick, balmy texture.

Supercharged with an array of age-fighting ingredients; sodium hyaluronate provides deep hydration, hexapeptide-8 works by repairing, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and whey protein, yes, the protein you drink after a workout, well, don’t expect instant muscle gain, but be sure to expect a firmer, more resilient looking skin. Blueberry, Cranberry and Pomegranate injects antioxidant protection from outside pollution, keeping our skin looking youthful and naturally healthy.




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