The Hero Project #BeautyOnAMission: A Brand On A Quest To Rewrite & Re-Set Expections In The Ever Growing Beauty Industry (PLUS Two Must-Have Products That Won’t Break The Bank)

Okay guys, I’m pretty excited to be introducing The Hero Project with you all, I have reviewed two of their best selling products and I know you’ll love them just as much as me, I can see this brand taking off like a storm.

We all have that one must-have product we continue to buy over and over, whether it’s a a deep love for that one special cleanser or colour of favourite lipstick, we cannot deny our deep love for that one special beauty item. That one product goes everywhere with us, in our handbags, coat or jean pockets, we’re never without our desert island product.

I can remember in my early teens having a strong connection and loyalty to a soap-free cleansing bar that I would take everywhere with me if I was travelling away from home. When I use to visit my farther in Spain the soap came with me inside my hand luggage, that was a number one priority before anything else, this cleansing bar was a skin saviour from zits and blemishes. At this present day, I haven’t touched a bar of soap and most likely never will again, as I got older, my skin type changed and cleansing bars are now a big no-no in my ever-growing skin care routine. Did you once love a product that you’re unable to use anymore?

Inspired by customer feedback and having the buzz to create something jaw-dropping, gob-smacking ground breaking, this exciting, new British beauty brand promises to create fabulous, innovative beauty products that isn’t afraid to break the current beauty rules many people follow. The Hero Project are on a mission to re-write the rules and set a new benchmark.

Starting with the ultra cool Hyasoft from The Hero Project, a fast-absorbing gel that quenches thirsty skin that needs SOS attention from the uncontrollable, typical British weather. We need tend to forget how badly the weather can affect our skins appearance and condition, last week, a week or two ago, the U.K. was hit with a bizarre amount of snow that caused quite an issue for many people all over the country, people were unable to leave home, plans got cancelled and accidents were happening on the dangerous, slippy roads. My skin went into panic mode and became very sensitive due to the drastic weather change.

I’ve been applying The Hero Project Hyasoft onto cleansed, dry skin everyday and already I can see a dramatic difference in hydration and texture, my pores appear refined and skin feels incredibly bouncy and soft, this is definitely a keeper for me. The main ingredient inside Hyasoft is Hyaluronic Acid that sinks deep into skin’s layers to deliver intense, long-lasting moisture that smooths and plumps skin.

We’re forever searching for that everlasting glow, especially when skin is lacking in radiance and natural shine. I’m not the one for looking matte at all, I really don’t like the “whole matte perfection look”, too much mattifying products/powders can make you appear older and aged, expression lines look more noticeable to the public eye.

The Hero Project Glow Drops Oil ticks all the correct boxes on my paper, you couldn’t ask for a better, budget friendly facial oil that offered glowing skin. With a blend of 10 irresistible essential oils to nurture and restore skins inner glow and luminosity, orange, grapefruit and lemon oils provide a light exfoliation that instantly brightens the overall complexion, carrot seed oil, hemp, argan and inca oils comforts skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C, an ingredient I’m obsessing over at the moment is included to repair over-exposed, sun-damage skin. The dry touch formulation allows the skin to fully absorb the oil without having to play the waiting game like a heavy oil. I like apply this at night over Hyasoft for the ultimate skin treatment, not forgetting to mention how deliciously scented the facial oil smells, I can guarantee you’ll have 100% satisfaction writing all over your face.

Guys with a modern beard or stubble, don’t be afraid to apply a facial oil at nighttime, your facial hairs will thank you the next morning. Take advantage from the nourishing oils and watch your beard shine and soften. Being a dry-touch formula, I didn’t find it as hydrating when applied alone. Everyone’s skin is different, no skin type is alike, this might be hydrating enough for others, but for me it didn’t quite hit the spot where hydration is needed.

Facial oils are becoming a key staple in my daily skin care routine, I would be lost without a decent face oil, sometimes my go-to moisturiser just doesn’t solve the issue with radiance, especially with the British weather changing like no tomorrow, our skin can become to look dull and lacklustre. I’m really impressed by how one product can provide you with such a natural healthy glow, I dare you to take a before and after photo, the results are definitely visible.

What’s your all time favourite product that travels with you? A special lip balm? That unstoppable mascara? A refreshing facial mist? I’m interested to know so please do comment below.



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