The #1 Grooming Subscription Service From TOPPBOX: Look Good, Feel Great With Personalised Men’s Grooming Products Delivered Straight To Your Door (For ONLY £19 A Month!)

Finding the correct grooming essentials can become a bit of a whirlwind. Brands need to understand that kit every grooming product is suitable for the everyday man. Us men have different taste to other men, not all of us are going to fall in love with the same grooming item, let’s be honest.

TOPPBOX allows you to personalise every box before placing an order. With an easy-peasy grooming profile to fill out by ticking the appropriate box, you can guarantee a perfect selection of products every time.

For £19.00 a month and with £50-£70 valve grooming essentials in every box, you really are getting the ultimate treat every single month. There is an option of receiving a personalised box every 2 months for the same price too. If you wasn’t entirely satisfied with your first box, you are welcome to cancel at any time but bearing in mind your subscription renews on the 25th every month until you decide to cancel (I can’t see a reason why you would).

Starting with the first product, Christopher Courtney Anti-Oxidant Chocolate Foot Scrub is something rather special and tempting. Infused with a blend of nature’s best, coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey and aloe vera, your feet are most definitely getting spoilt by the soothing, comforting ingredients. Dead sea salt, mango and pineapple powders provide an enzymatic action to exfoliate, removing unwanted dead skin. I’ve also been using this chocolate-ty goodness on my body, it really does leave you with the most silky-soft skin, talk about resisting temptation from chocolate.

Next up on the list we have the eye-catching Hawkins & Brimble Elemi and Ginseng Face Wash that offers a natural cleansing approach unlike most men’s face cleansers on the current market. Combining the conditioning elements of aloe leave juice and coconut-derived detergents, skin is throughly cleansed and toned without the use of skin irritants SLS/SLES, artificial colours or parabens. Hawkins & Brimble was created to offer something new and edgy from the rest, a keen eye for Britannia and a passion for delivering natural, effortless products to the modern mans world.

Being the first natural and organic cosmeceutical treatment line, S5 solves problematic skin by using safe, effective ingredients without the us of harsh, synthetic ingredients. The Purity Serum contains exotic, bioactive ingredients like picão preto; a rainforest herb that is used in this serum for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Willow herb extract is used as a sebum regulator and a natural pore reducer. A favourite ingredient of mine, Salicylic Acid at 2% works straight away at killing the spot causing p.bacteria thanks to its mild exfoliating action. This serum sinks into the skin like dream leaving to tacky residue that can feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

This intensely rich body wash from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company won me over at first application. The creaminess of textures and desirable scent freshly lingers on the skin as you towel dry. Milk provides an indulgence to the skin leaving you feeling pampered from top-to-bottom. Rich in pure aloe vera to soften, calm and soothe skin. Great to apply as a facial cleanser if you’re in a rush! The moisturising properties leaves your skin feeling like pure silk, nothing can beat the quality of Au Lait.

Looking for a new fragrance? Then look no further. Jack’s Piccadilly ‘69 is a scent of true memories captured in an iconic bottle. Inspired by the London Tube Station  splendor, bustling nature and Patchouli perfumed hippies, Creator, Mr Richard E Grants wanted to recapture his childhood inside a bottle of perfume. Top notes from bergamot burst a distinctively warm, citrus scent that slowly matures into a smooth, subtle scent. Musk adds a sharp but earthy aroma to the fragrance that you can smell upon first spritz. Ginger invigorates the mind and senses while leather provides masculinity and maturity to the fragrance. You can truly smell the warm amber unveiling as you wear the fragrance throughout the day. If you’re on the hunt for a new, enticing fragrance and a hardworking one that you can wear on a regular basis without being too overpowering, Jack’s Piccadilly ‘69 might be your new-found love.

Fighting a cold can become a struggle for some, especially for those with a low immune system. The Echinacea, rosehip and elderflower tea from We Are Tea is the perfect remedy for beating the bugs. Echinacea prevents you from getting colds & flu, rosehip and elderflower contain a high amount of flu-fighting vitamin c. Calendula petals soothe and heals, Hibiscus and Holy Basil both contain anti-bacterial properties which is great for relieving the body from common flu symptoms. This may not be as tasty as your morning English Breakfast Tea but if you stick with it, the chances of getting a cold are cut by 58%!

To enjoy the tea at its best, use fresh boiled water allowing the herbal tea to sit for 3-4 minutes before sipping away.


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