The Glow Tonic You Didn’t Know About: Biotrade Pure Skin Exfoliating Tonic

The Glow Tonic You Didn’t Know About: Biotrade Pure Skin Exfoliating Tonic — Mr. Wharff

Exfoliating tonics or ‘glow tonic’ have been making some press over the past year or so, brands all over the world are creating their very own version whilst the ringleaders are celebrating a cult success. Continue reading as I reveal a product that offers than an instant glow.

One of the most important beauty rituals we must all follow for a crystal clear complexion is exfoliation. I regularly exfoliate on a daily basis because I know if I don’t my skin plays havoc and begins a volcanic eruption of endless whiteheads and pimples popping up beneath the surface.

I believe prevention is key when dealing with problematic skin issues, once you find that one trusty product that’ll always have your back from negating a future skin crisis, you make sure that one product is always at hand. 

I discover the powers of three exfoliating acids inside one tonic that is almost unheard of in the blogging industry, a product that deserves far more recognition in the beauty world. Get ready to add this item to your next skincare spree.

Biotrade Cosmeceuticals Pure Skin Exfoliating Tonic contains a trio of alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids to gently peel away the very top layer of skin, cleansing congested pores whilst removing the spot causing bacteria.

This all-rounder product also smooths and diminishes the prominent appearance of ageing skin. It’s important to point out that exfoliating acids can be applied for a number of skin solutions, and although the majority of us know how an acid works, it’s good to know what type of acid is best for your skin concerns. 

With this daring exfoliating glow tonic from Biotrade you could easily fit this into any skincare regime within a click of two fingers, it’s as easy as one two, three. So, allow me to explain the three exfoliating acids inside this tempting treatment.

Starting with azelaic acid. A concentration of 10%, this ‘magic’ acid sends a message to misbehaving flaws on the skin, responding on a positive note, lending to a complexion perfection finish.

The next acid, glycolic is widely used in the beauty world. An ingredient that works on brightening the overall appearance, repairing the tale signs of overexposed skin from the beaming sun rays and city pollution. Dead skin cells are carefully removed from the upper surface allowing fresh cells to generate.

With a high percentage of 8% glycolic acid, it’s wise to apply this exfoliating glow tonic with a caution. You may experience some form of sensation that starts mildly uncomfortable to barely noticeable, this is standard when using a product containing glycolic acid, unless you’re an avid acid user.

Known for its acne fighting abilities, salicylic acid is fully able to penetrate into the pore wall, removing dirt and debris collected throughout the day. An ingredient that I can count on to combat troublesome zits and blemishes thanks to this acids capability of a deep, thorough exfoliation on the skin.

With a gentle formulation of 2%, this favourable, must-have acid is recommended for the majority of skin types.

With denatured alcohol as the second ingredient on the list, users may be slightly wary of giving this tonic a chance. This particular alcohol, also known as a ‘fatty alcohol’ is used as a product thickener that causes no harm whatsoever to the skin.

Simply apply this exfoliating glow tonic onto a clean cotton pad or ball for a more direct effect. The sturdy pump dispenser allows you to control how much product is applied to your chosen cloth. I have to say, it’s rather impressive to see a brand taking a leap away from self-pouring bottles, after all, pump dispensers are 100% more hygienic.

No word of a lie, the Pure Skin exfoliating glow tonic is one of the most powerful treatments tonics I’ve come across yet. Using various exfoliating acids in the past led me to believe my skin wasn’t going to feel a single sensation from this product. It was a big shock that my skin started to prickle rigorously, nothing painful or uncomfortable, but a stimulation feeling from the trio of combined acids, I knew this product meant business within seconds.

My easily congested pores appeared, well, less congested and dirty looking whilst retaining optimal moisture. I also noticed a sudden improvement of clarity in complexion, a natural radiance that gleam from within.

If you apply a sensible amount you shouldn’t experience a response of reddening on the skin. haven’t had a single tonic that hasn’t caused a slight reaction making my skin a little pink, you shouldn’t give this incredible tonic a pass due to the exfoliants strong present nature.

If acne is your main concern, you may want to discover Acne Out, a ’skin-friendly’ product line that uses a combination of pure oxygen and niacinamide do provide deep cleansing, soothing action on the skin.

What’s your go-to exfoliating product? How often do you exfoliate? I’d love to hear from you in the comments box. The post features press samples.


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