Gallinée La Culture: The Latest French Pharmacy Brand To Harness A Trio Of Probiotics, Prebiotics & Lactic Acid With Skincare (And Be Prepared To Become Fixated By The Products’ Unique Fragrance)

Gallinée La Culture The Latest French Pharmacy Brand To Harness A Trio Of Probiotics Prebiotics & Lactic Acid With Skincare

Who doesn’t adore a brand that cares and nurtures the skin using good, friendly, bacteria? Yes I hear you, you’re probably thinking this is another marketing trick and what bacteria has to do with skincare.

Well, allow me to explain in language that we’ll help you to understand why we all need a dose of pre-biotic goodness. Skin irritation is often caused by the harmful effects of detergents, artificial fragrances and colourants in our favourite lotions and potions, I’m for one to admit the use of these products, and from being totally honest with my readers, I do get irritation from time to time with swapping products in my skincare routine.

I’m very fortunate to experience a variety of products within my blogging history and sometimes, I’m left a little startled by the overload of product sampling that arrives on my doorstep, although I’m truly grateful every time.

Without going off the subject, Gallinee is a brand that revives sensitive skin by adding nutrients from a blend of pre, pro and postbiotics, not forgetting to mention lactic acid, the star of the brand to support the skins own natural defence and wellbeing. Not only does this ingredient normalises the skin’s pH levels but also protects the surroundings and strengthens the skin’s microbiome preventing future flare-ups of irritation.

So let’s get down to the actual review of Gallinée. Starting with their own take of cleansing with an ultra creamy foaming cleanser that’ll have you stunned and wowed within first application. The dreamy, fresh scent is extracted from the 98% natural ingredients used inside that will excite you to apply the next product application, trust me on this one, I certainly was and still am captivated by the adoring scent.

Gallinée La Culture The Latest French Pharmacy Brand To Harness A Trio Of Probiotics Prebiotics & Lactic Acid With Skincare

The Gallinee foaming cleanser will leave you feeling nourished and delicately cleanse, a surprising treat that your skin will thank you for. You can also leave the cleanser on for a good few minutes to allow the triple biotic complex to work its magic on rebuilding and strengthening the structure of our skin while respecting the skins natural pH level, something that’s important when maintaining healthy looking skin. I will say because of how delicate it cleanses, don’t expect your skin to feel stripped or squeaky clean as this isn’t what you want the skin to feel.

There is a misconception on how the skin should feel and look after cleansing, especially for those with naturally sensitive skin. You can pick up your very own bottle of goodness at £13.90, which is an absolute steal for a cleanser with so much skin-rewarding benefits. 

Moving onto something a little more intensive but nurturing. This face mask and scrub in one provides a light but effective exfoliation while protecting the skins own natural defence system. Maris sea salt and zinc promotes skin healing, two key ingredients for maintaining healthy, clear skin. We also have the brands’ complex of pre, post biotics to provide a lavish, comfortable experience and lactic acid to protect the skins’ own microbiome, again, this microorganism plays an important role, keeping the skin in check, preventing the skin from misbehaving.

This face mask and scrub also contains white kaolin clay at a high level of concentration to deeply, purify impurities on the skin. Apply the product onto cleansed skin, preferably after using the dreamy foaming cleanser and work into a creamy, rich lather, making sure the olive seed powder and natural silica beads work together to exfoliate and renew the skin. I wouldn’t call this abrasive but you definitely do feel the product working by sloughing away dead skin cells from the surface. Now sit back, unwind and relax inside an alluring bath tub filled with hot fresh water and your favourite bath foam and let your skin absorb the goodness of biotics within this marvellous Gallinée product.

Gallinée La Culture The Latest French Pharmacy Brand To Harness A Trio Of Probiotics Prebiotics & Lactic Acid With Skincare

We’re at the grand finale and although I’ve rambled on enough I couldn’t not include this little gem of pure delight from Gallinée. Following the brands’ ethics on feeding our skin with pre and postbiotics and friendly bacteria, this comforting, hydrating cream offers the user a sensual experience from the natural containing ingredients that instantly provides a ‘feel good factor’, something not many creams can achieve or provide. With this, you only want to apply a coin-size amount due to the creams rich formulation, but having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to apply more on drier areas, especially since we’re heading into the Winter season.

Does ’biotic skincare’ excite you? Is it something that you’re keen to learn and discover more about? After all, the skin is our largest internal organ so it’s best to keep our skin fresh and healthy with the good stuff, that is pre and postbiotics.


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