Enter The Galactic Universe with Mankind Grooming: 6 ’Supernova’ Grooming Essentials For The Star Gentleman


Let’s talk male grooming in Intergalactic space. Yes you’ve heard it, the daunting space between the milky way galaxy.

Did you know 6 luxury clusters hoover around this magical dark space, waiting to be discovered by ‘keen grooming’ astronauts?

Mankind are back with another outstanding grooming box that you really don’t want to miss out on. Upgrade your boring, everyday grooming essentials to the next level with a curated collection inspired from outer space. These 6 hand-picked products from the mission specialist at Mankind are rocket-fuelled to lift your appearance to the next dimension.

Let’s begin with the ARgENTUM le savon lune Illuminating Hydration Bar. Not to be mistaken for a slab of basic soap, this soap-free cleansing bar contains silver hydrosol that may sound like an ingredient from outer space. This clever, natural ingredient is widely used to treat bacteria causing blemishes. Using fresh, clean hands to create a ‘cushion-like’ velvety lather that spreads beautifully across the skin. Begin to massage the lather in circular motions over the entire face, paying special attention to problematic areas that may be of concern. 

We move onto haircare, and the people behind MEN-Ü created an exceptional refreshing hair shampoo that thoroughly deep cleanses without stripping away the natural hair oils that help retain vital moisture. This anionic formulation leaves men’s hair negatively charged that when paired with a suitable conditioner, our hair is able to fully absorbs the products nutrients and moisturising agents. Depending on how long or short your hair is, one pump should be plenty to cover the entire hair region. You really want to focus on massaging the scalp for a good minute before rinsing.

Caught from satellite, we have MÁDARA Re-Gene Lifting Face Mask that firms and tightens the natural v-contours underlying the skin tissue. New to my ears, I’ve never come across a specific facial mask that supports loss volume from skin ageing. Birch water is prized for it’s anti-inflammatory properties on the skin, soothing irritation while reducing the appearance of puffiness and water retention that can arise when eating a high-salt diet. There’s also a combination of amino acids, enzymes and proteins to encourage natural collagen production.

We all live for Elemis! The British Spa brand that has never failed to impress me. Lucky for us image-concerned gents. A generous 30ml tube of the ’most famous’ Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is included inside the mighty galactic grooming bag. I’ve been using this cream on and off throughout my blogging career and I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is the one cream I will never forget. It’s luxurious, satin-like texture ’drip feeds’ the skin with wrinkle reducing nutrients that is clinically proven to work in 14 days. With a combination from two algae species, Mediterranean and padina pavonica that both work in synergy to provide the ultimate wrinkle-busting cream.

Mankind Grooming also added the Energising Skin Scrub into the bag of grooming must-haves. This Elemis polisher is cocooned with a oceanic Marine Phytoplankton and vitamin layered to provide an instant wake up call of youthful and vibrancy to the skin. The micro-fine exfoliating agents inside this skin smoother really does offer a skin awakening.

If wrinkles are the main concern then fear not, Filorga Paris and Mankind invites you to indulge with an exceptional discovery size of Time Filler. A ’botox-like’ correction cream that contains a cauldron of wrinkle-erasing ingredients for the discerning gentleman. Filorga targets a variety of wrinkles on the skin, from a minor surface wrinkle to deep-set wrinkles or fine line caused by a number of factors within our life. From unprotected to overexposed skin, the tale signs of skin damage can easily be seen to the public eye.

Without rambling on about every single ingredient on the list, I have chosen a selection to talk about that felt need the most mention. Starting with a wonderful chain of amino acids within the time-filler cream to reinforce and repair the skin surface. Niacinamide soothes irritated skin whilst the use of Co-Enzyme neutralizes harmful free radical damage. You wouldn’t believe how light in texture and fast-absorbent this cream truly is until you discover for yourself. It’s a product that acts like an ’Instagram filter’. What more could Do you ask for? 

Unlucky for some, this fantastic grooming collection from Mankind is now sold out. If a particular product mentioned above has drawn you to its attention, then please do follow the product link. This bag/grooming box was kindly gifted.

Enter The Galactic Universe with Mankind Grooming: 6 ’Supernova’ Grooming Essentials For The Star Gentleman


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