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One of the joys being a writer in the skincare realms is learning and discovering indie skincare brands. We can often overlook these brands in exchange for the bigger brands, the ring leaders within the beauty industry. I’ve definitely become more conscious during the lockdown period that small, niche brands are the ones that are counting on our support during this unfortunate time. What smaller brands have you discovered since Lockdown?

Without further ado, I welcome you #FrshFced Artisan Skincare [and yes, that really is the full name, pretty cool right?] Founder and creator of #FrshFced, Elaine Headley, from the Beautiful ‘wee’ country Scotland created #FrshFced simply because, everyone deserves to look and feel their very best, without burning a deep hole in ones’ hardworking pocket. 

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Elaine wanted to make it clear as daylight to her loyal and potential customers that the Artisan, Scottish born brand wasn’t just created for profit, but to provide an exceptional range of user-friendly skincare products that simply delivered. You won’t find #FrshFced mass-produced or making unrealistic claims, unlike many brands. Customer-focused, straight forward and passionate in providing the very best service, Elaine is most certainly on the right path to success.

The Acai & Goji ‘Microdermabrasion-Like’ Scrub is one of those products that once you smell the actual product itself, you instantly feel connected with the product. Naturally scented that reminisces my nose-buds of a delicious, childhood yoghurt, this creamy-feel exfoliant contains an antioxidant blend from Acai + Goji berries that deliver with excellence. The combination of Sunflower and Avocado oils drip-feeds the skin with nutrients that unleashes a healthy-looking appearance from within. The use of Oat Silk controls excess oil—removing the greasiness and shine from an unsightly complexion.

Best of all, it’s aesthetically-pleasing, eye-popping appearance isn’t from synthetic use, oh no, thank the acai + goji berries, and the addition of beige clay to draw out harmful toxins—toxins that can promote a dull, textured complexion. For just under 10 bucks at £9.99, you can’t really go wrong with this antioxidant-powered scrub! 

Mister Wharff recommends the Acai + Goji Scrub for all skin types, especially oily skins that are prone to blackheads + pimples

Now that your skin is deeply cleansed and purified to perfection, how about a complimentary cocktail of multivitamins from a serum? #FrshFced ACE Serum sets a new benchmark in the world of budget-friendly serums. Priced at an affordable £15, encrypt inside this frosted glass bottle is a formula of AHA Fruit Acids at a <1.0 concentration. Citrus, Lactic, Glycolic, Malic and Tartaric Acid are carefully blended together to provide gentle cell turnover to unveil a #FrshFced complexion [see what I did there].

#FrshFced mister wharff

There’s also an infusion of paradise apple and carrot to stimulate collagen production—the fountain of youthful plumped skin. On the skin, it cleverly blurs fine lines + wrinkles from a simple hand swatch, on one hand, it’s obvious that this serum isn’t playing games on providing the skin with visible results. If you’re a devotee to energising, citrus scents then this shouldn’t go a miss on your skincare radar. With a blend of orange peel and essential grapefruit, you couldn’t ask for a more refreshing scent in a serum. On the lookout for a serum that simply does it all? Then the ACE Serum from #FrshFced is the one for you. 

Recommended for fine lines + wrinkles, this serum also works a treat on blemish sufferers due to the gentle fruit acid complex

Continuing with the ACE collection, there’s also a moisturiser within this set of two that isn’t just a great all-around moisturiser, but an award-winning one too. Rich in skin-loving oils—apricot, sunflower, pumpkin and coconut, this skin-quenching moisturiser is hydrating enough to use alone, or on top your chosen serum [you might want to synergies the two ACE products together for the best user experience]. Again, you will find the AHA Fruit Acid blend that will furthermore, brighten the appearance of the skin without over-exfoliating.

Priced at an incredible-buy of £12, you might want to order a back-up—I’m that positive you will fall in love with its light, dreaming formulation upon first application [you’ll never want to be without it].

Will you be discovering #Frshfced on your next skincare splurge?

#FrshFced mister wharff

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