Fizz Back And Rewind Past Skin Damage with Two Mighty Products From The Hero Project #BeautyOnAMission (PLUS A 2-Step System That’ll Have Your Skin Weekend-Ready In 5 Minutes!)

Fizz Back And Rewind Past Skin Damage with Two Mighty Products From The Hero Project #BeautyOnAMission (PLUS A 2-Step Skin System That’ll Have You Weekend-Ready In 5 Minutes!).png

I do love it when a brand comes along and makes me feel all good inside with their intellectual skin care products and non-competing performance. Yes, I’m talking about you, The Hero Project. A brand that is slowly making its name across the U.K. one step at a time, a hard-working, intriguing beauty brand that likes to cause quite a stir on creating one-of-a-kind products to the current market of ever-growing beauty finds and future staple pieces. The Hero Project want you to step out of your comfort zone, take a gamble so to speak and discover the ’possible’ hero products that could make it into your future bedside favorites. 

If you’re a regular reader, which I’m sure you are, you wouldn’t have missed my last review with The Hero Project on where I enticed you on two profound products, one an oil, and second a gel, both of which were a pleasure to use and experience, especially from a brand that I only just discovered. Here is a friendly link that will take you to my honest review about the two products. Slowing moving away from my gambling into this latest review of two other products from The Hero Project, the first one, a 2 step cleansing duo that will have you fizzing back for more, oh yes, this is a good one, and secondly, a powerhouse serum that’ll have you looking brighter than the sun, even at its peak time. 

Let’s start with the gorgeous serum that will have you eyeing up not the actual product inside but the proudly presented bottle itself, a tinted orange glass bottle that would brighten up any rundown bathroom decorative, glistening from a far distance, waiting to be touch and applied. The Vit-C 30 Ultra Brightening Serum delicately repairs and rejuvenated past damage from over-exposure to the sun, if you’re a loyal sun worshipper that loves to bathe in the scorching heat, catching those beaming rays, hoping to score to a natural sun-kissed tan then go ahead, but the effects of this popular leisure will soon take its toll on the skin. 

ethylated L-Ascorbic Acid, the purest, most possible form of vitamin c is used to repair and brighten the skin from the first application. A slight tingling sensation is possible but is nothing to worry or panic over, this is the skins natural reaction on soaking up pure vitamin c, and nothing else, your skin will thank you in the long run. The wonders of grapefruit and lemon oil act as a gentle exfoliant on the skin, shedding dead skin cells, enabling new, fresh skin to appear underneath. The use of antioxidant-rich hydrocurcumin provides free radical protection, making this serum a key essential to your morning skin care routine. 

The serum itself absorbs completely into cleansed skin without a struggle, although you do have to act fast as this serum doesn’t stay around for long so apply with good intentions over the face and enjoy the sublime, skin-correcting benefits. Apply this gem morning and evening onto cleansed skin and be prepared to see a drastic change to your overall skin’s appearance.

Fizz Back And Rewind Past Skin Damage with Two Mighty Products From The Hero Project #BeautyOnAMission (PLUS A 2-Step Skin System That’ll Have You Weekend-Ready In 5 Minutes!).png

Moving onto some enzymatic action, or as The Hero Project say, get your Friday Fizz on! You don’t necessarily have to apply this on Fridays, but it will sure make your Friday Feeling that extra special, trust me on this one. The self-heating exfoliating balm, made with natural bamboo particles to slough away dead skin cell creates a clean canvas for preparation for the enzyme fizz, the most exciting part of this resurfizz system. Inside the large, narrow carton contains four little pots of enzyme fizz, apply one full pot once a week as part of a weekly skin treat. From an orange hue gel to a spectacular white foam burst, the carbonated oxygen encapsulated inside creates this natural effect, releasing the pomegranate enzymes all over the skin. This 4-week kit enables you to look and feel your absolute greatest and you won’t be let down by its promising results.


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