Five Star Moisturisers To Try From 4 Under-Hyped Brands

Five Star Moisturiser To Try From 4 Under-Hyped Brands Mister Wharff

Stuck on what moisturiser to buy for this season? Here’s a selection of products that have Mister Wharff’s seal of approval…

I class myself as a very well established connoisseur of knowing what moisturisers tick all the correct boxes when it comes to finding the perfect one. I’ve learnt over the years of blogging that not every cream is well applauded, people have different needs and concerns when looking for a daily moisturiser. Personal preference plays a big role in what product we decide to purchase. I have recently fallen in love with moisturizing creams again after rediscovering the potential benefits from a selection of well-formulated creams.

I’m very much waving the flag for these moisturisers that I’m about to discuss with you all, treatment creams that really do pack a punch on individual needs. However, moisturisers have their drawbacks, not every cream will suit everyone’s skin type and skin concerns. These moisturizers may just slot into your skincare regime, and possibly for life. After good thorough testing, it’s a pleasure for me to speak about the products that worked for me and my skin needs. Here are four moisturisers that could end up being your top-shelve skin saviours!

Crème Du Loch brings a splash of British luxury across the board with the Age-Defying Moisturiser. An ultra-rich, but never greasy cream combines the wonders from the deep blue sea of algae and kelp extracts along with time-released retinol to offer a full 360 restorative effect on dry, lack-lustre skin. There’s also soothing cucumber and chamomile to calm and rectify troublesome skin. I have been applying this cream for a good month and I’m impressed by how well hydrated it has made my skin feel and look from a distance. By warming up the product with clean fingers enables the vitamin e beads to burst and dispense into the skin that provides all-day protection against oxidative stress.

A night moisturiser with oodles of skin benefits, you could quite call this an all-in-one cream, and easily. A densely-looking cream that’s equipment with a combination of 8 bio-active ingredients to reveal a brighter, less-congested looking you the morning after. 10% Glycolic acid gently exfoliates the skin whilst you’re asleep, targeting sun damage, enlarged pores, and imperfections. Melissa water, aloe vera and shea butter counteracts the possible skin dryness from the use of glycolic acid. Not only that, these trio ingredients inject maximum hydration, soothing and nourishing the skin at a deeper level. If you’re new to using Glycolic acid then you might experience a slight tingle, it’s simply another way for glycolic to say ’hello, nice to meet you’. This sensation is completely normal, especially for first-time users. Will you be upping your nighttime ritual with Lumen Vitae?

Described as a facial mask, the Proto-col collagen face mask can work in more ways than one, and that’s one of the reasons why it deserves a worthy feature. Armed and ready with its house ingredient, collagen, this delectable, hydrating mask melts straight into the skin to deliver skin-lacking nutrients. Apply as a night-time plumping treatment, as a skin-quenching day moisturiser or a radiance primer, the possibilities are left in your hands. Coral seaweed, this ocean ingredient deep cleanses and exfoliates the very top layer of skin that provides a fresh-faced complexion, and it really does, whenever I apply this onto cleansed skin immediately I look rested and re-charged, ready to face the daily challenges ahead.

Last but certainly not least is the dragons blood facial sculpting gel from Skin Physics. Although the name “Dragon’s Blood gel” sounds rather far fetched from the norm but in fact, there’s a very good reason why this treatment gel is named dragons blood and I’m about to explain why. Known as the ‘Sangre de Drago’ or Dragons Blood tree, this evergreen tree from the Amazonian rainforest oozes red liquid once a branch is sapped. This bright, resin liquid forms a natural, protective shield against further skin aggressions, locking moisture into the skin. You can really feel a skin-tightening effect from the application, a feeling I wasn’t familiar with so it took a few product applications for me to adjust to the unique formulation. It’s worth adding the product does a fabulous job at giving you an awake, alert appearance, great for early morning risers like myself.

What product are you tempted to try and possibly replace with your current moisturiser above? This is a sample feature in partnership with various brands mentioned. All opinions, experiences and words my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Honore
    September 7, 2019 / 8:57 pm

    Hey John! So glad you’ve enjoyed using our age-defying daily moisturiser and have experienced some of the amazing skin benefits.
    Great post too

  2. Candice
    September 8, 2019 / 1:12 pm

    These all sound like brilliant products

    Candice ||

  3. September 9, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    I haven’t tried any of these products or brands – I need to!

  4. September 9, 2019 / 8:01 pm

    I haven’t tried any of these so they’re going on my ‘to try’ list!
    E x

  5. September 10, 2019 / 10:45 pm

    Reading this has really made me think about whether I need to be mixing up my skin care routine, pronto. Or is it better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?
    I will definitely be reading up on these products though, to see if they could possibly work for me too.


    Keiran Crying

    • September 16, 2019 / 3:32 pm

      I haven’t come across any of these before. Will keep an eye out now though, especially the red pot! Xx

  6. katy gilroy
    September 18, 2019 / 9:03 pm

    that dragons blood one sounds so good x

  7. Roxie Watt
    September 22, 2019 / 6:46 pm

    I never hear anyone talking about Proto-col and I don’t know why because I’ve tried a few of their products and absolutely loved them.

    Roxie |

  8. September 26, 2019 / 6:16 pm

    Ooo lots of new products for me to look into, I haven’t heard of these before!x

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