Fight The Mid Day Shine With 8 Hour Oil Control From Lab Series Latest 3-Step System Designed Just For Men.

Fight The Mid Day Shine With 8 Hour Oil Control From Lab Series Latest 3-Step System Designed For Men.png

When Lab Series recently released the 8-Hour Oil Control System, it reminded me a lot of the all famous Clinique 3-Step System, but targeted just for men. With the similar element and feel of ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’, the words that were once drilled into my head when I became a temporary Clinique consultant at a House Of Fraser store. Clinique and Lab Series are part of the Estée Lauder family so the connection with new product launches can be alike at times, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Starting with the exciting clay and mask cleanser, expertly developed with Amazonian white clay to purify, removing the excess oil sitting comfortably on the skin, a great ingredient to use when skin is in need of a deep, natural cleanse. A personal favourite, salicylic acid and willow bark extract provides a clean sweep, removing dead skin that can effect the overall skin quality and appearance. There’s also a combination of plant extracts, sea whip reduces inflammation while myrtle acts as an astringent, great for reducing the annoying midday shine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on the cleanser so I’m not able to give you a thorough, in-depth review. 

This next product is rather phenomenal, a liquid that tones and provides a shine-free finish is something us city explorers crave, working up a sweat throughout the day. Lactic and salicylic acids provide a light exfoliating action the skin, removing dirt and debris caused my outside particles and natural exposure. Witch hazel and zinc minerals injects calming, soothing properties great for men with problematic skin suffering with regular blemishes and facial redness. You really do feel an instant fresh feeling as you swipe over the skin with a cotton ball, perfect for when a quick refresh is needed during a busy working day when shine and sweat take over, a must-have for your man baggage.

An oil-free moisturiser that provides the perfect shot of hydration is something us gents and could only wish for, until now. Curated with the same ingredients as the two products above, this ultra lightweight, modern moisturiser absorbs fully without wasting no time into cleanse skin leaving not the slightest residue. The combination of silicones leaves a uniformity of smoothed, blurred-perfection skin making this an ideal base for makeup application, a concealer stick will easily glides over allowing you to blend stress free and ease.

When I started using this, the weather was very much hot and humid, a great time to experiment with a lighter, less heavy moisturiser, the need for a thicker, more creamier lotion in the summer is vanished into thin air, especially when daytime weather creeps up to 30 degrees, you really don’t want to be slathering on a heavy face cream. If you’re prone to greasy skin throughout the year, which is unfortunate for you, this latest invention from Lab Series is one you should definitely consider purchasing if everything else fails. 


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