Combat Looking Fatigue With Silver Skincare: Does This Silver Complex Formulation Really Work?

Combat Looking Fatigue With Silver Skincare: Does This Silver Complex Formulation Really Work?

We can all feel and look a little fatigue from time to time, it’s human nature. Our skin can show the sides of a hectic lifestyle, especially if you’re getting up at the crack of dawn for work 5 days a week or suffering from sleep deprivation. Every single one of us at some stage in life has felt a little worse for wear on days where you just want to stay in bed and avoid facing the world. 

Luckily, with the latest technology in skin care today, we can erase the tale signs of looking exhausted and overworked. All it takes is a few minutes on those early rising mornings to look and feel the absolute best. By using the correct product designed to invigorate and awaken your inner complexion you can stay goodbye to looking fatigue in no time.

AG Skin Repair, an excitable brand of moisturising serums that uses silver shell technology, clinically proven to heal and regenerate our skin cells to their highest peak, resulting in a ‘happy skin’ appearance, inside and out. Silver has for long been used for its antibacterial and anti-fungal capabilities, and needless to say, I’ve seen many luxury brands use the natural, healing effects of silver within their skin care range, just like this one. 

The AG Skin Repair Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Serum contains a complex of skin regenerative ingredients to combat a broad spectrum of skin concerns. If you’re forever searching for one product that ticks all the right boxes for your skin, then look no further afield. 

Let’s begin with this anti-fatigue product. A ’very’ lightweight formulation that could be easily mistaken for a water essence. A serum that sinks immediately into the skin so fast, if you blinked for more than a second you would of most likely miss it. Discover a soothing, almost cooling like effect as you massage the product into the skin that provides a comfortable, moisturising balance.

The product itself gives you a natural radiance, a sheen that sparkles and lasts throughout the day. Poly d glucosamine is used as a growth factor, boosting the skins defences mechanism against minor skin irritations and infections such as sensitivity, facial redness and blemish-prone skin.

The ‘house ingredient’, silver shell technology lies within the entire product range, killing the troublesome causing bacteria that may interfere with the skins natural healing process, calming present irritations from minor nicks, common cuts and minor burns.

We also have lactic acid, an ingredient many of us love and use for its gentle but thorough exfoliating action on the skin, sloughing off yucky dead skin cells, allowing the skin to fully inhale the benefits of future product treatments. We also have a selection of citrus fruit extracts to provide an uplifting experience to the user, reducing the feeling of fatigue. The fragrance is so enjoyable that somehow reminded me of a warm summers days.

Shea butter is added to reduce skin dryness, comforting the relief of irritation caused by the rapid weather changes, especially here in the United Kingdom, the weather can be so unpredictable, it’s a struggle to know what do wear. We also have a duo of skin smoothing silicones that enables the serum to glide effortlessly onto the skin, offering a delightful silky, slippery feel. Silicones can also provide a ’temporary’ plump effect, filling in prominent lines and wrinkles on the top surface.

I’ve been experiencing the serum for a good two weeks and I’m happy to report my skin does appear to heal quicker from minor outbreaks and occasional facial redness. The inflammation from these outbursts soon settles and becomes less apparent to the public eye. Silver really does work wonders for the skin! I’m very keen to continue using to see if more improvement develops over the next couple of weeks.

Have you explored the magic of silver within skin care? What’s your number one serum that you cannot live without? This sample was gifted.


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