6 Fabulous Face Masks To Discover For Every Skin Concern: Detoxify Exfoliate, Firm, Hydrate, Soothe & Repair!

Who doesn’t enjoy slathering on face masks every now and then. They can be the antidote to many skin troubles like dehydration, pimples and sensitivity. Finding a suitable face mask for a specific skin concern couldn’t be easier. I’m a sucker for face masks, they really do work a treat on skin that likes to misbehave every now and then. 

Peter Thomas Roth is renowned for his revolutionary face masks that offer instant, visible results, and overtime. You couldn’t get more excited over a face mask. 

At one point my bathroom shelf was brimming with formula-driven Peter Thomas Roth skin care, I wouldn’t touch any other branded product, this was before I started blogging. His facial washes are second to none; I highly recommend trying out his iconic Beta Hydroxy 2% Acne Wash.

Let’s begin with the cucumber gel mask; great for those sensitive souls that can easily become irritated from modern-day skin care. Blended with cucumber and chamomile to soothe aggravated skin. The combination of papaya, pineapple and sugar maple unveils a flawless, fresh complexion from within. Who’s feeling cool as a cucumber now.

If summer has got skin feeling dehydrated and parched from the scorching heat but unsure what product to apply, fear not. Take a deep breath and discover the replenishing benefits from glacial healing powers. Blue marine algae protects skin from loss moisture, korean jeju island tea replenished vital nutrients overexposed skin can lose during Summer months. A very special ingredient, Antarcticine protects and regenerates, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sometimes we have to get down and dirty in life, even when applying actual mud. Hand-picked from Irish countryside, black moor mud has the drawing powers of a magnet, removing oil and gunk from skin. Hijiki Seaweed contains the highest dosage of vitamins and minerals, providing skin with the very best nutrients. Volcanic ash exfoliates, revealing a fresh, glowing complexion.

We all know Bruno Mars loves a bit 24k gold in his life, but little does he know gold withholds anti-ageing benefits. Talk about getting the best satisfaction from a mask, ever. With 24k Gold and Collodial Gold combined, skin appears lifted and illuminated. Caffeine, a common skin care ingredient perks up dull-looking skin is featured inside Peter’s superior goldmine facial mask. I’ll have 10 jars please!

Who doesn’t love the sound of slushy pumpkin pieces applied over the skin? I don’t. Lucky for us Peter has somehow created an oddly, but addictive face mask based on pumpkin enzymes that eat away dead skin cells revealing a golden glowing complexion. Aluminium oxide crystals provide physical exfoliation for a smoother, more refined appearance. I like to apply this once a week for a deep cleansing effect, you wouldn’t want to use this more than once a week.

It’s time to get rosy-cheeked with the power of rose plant stem cells. Who would have thought a bunch of roses could have so many skin benefits? Rosa Damascena, Rosa Canina, Rose Hip Seed and Rose Water, all are carefully blended with four rose extracts to improve the overall look, adding vibrancy and bounce to the skin The sweet, floral aroma soothes and relaxes troubled minds.

Discover Peter’s revolutionary masks here. This post contains an affiliate link.


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