A Face Mask Like No Other: Welcome Sepai Moist Relief Rose & Mistletoe Gel Mask (Prepare To Spend The Best €62 Of Your Life)

Applying a weekly face mask has always been a little indulgence of mine, the way they make you feel is priceless. From the very first moment of applying to washing off the mask makes life that little bit enjoyable and relaxing, allowing you to have some ‘me’ time in the comforts of your very home. Sensory isn’t necessary important when it comes to the overall performance but connecting to a skin care or beauty item because of its exotic texture and captivating scent is icing on a cake. I’m sure many of you have that one beauty item you cannot part from.

This Barcelona-born brand was created by founder Paola Gugliotta, co-founder Roxana Chang who shared a adoration for long-term dedication to health and well-being,
Sepai beauty doesn’t mess about or take easy short cuts to provide excellent driven product performance. Combining the dimensional power of living plant cells and a passion to be truthful in skin health, Sepai focuses on delivering phenomenal results, short-term and long-term.

I’m very exciting to share this latest find with you, I don’t normally open up this passionately with a skin care item but it’s one you need to experience to believe how different this exceptional this face mask really is. This latest release from Sepai is something I’m dying to share with you, if you love the smell of garden-fresh cut roses then continue reading.

Kept freshly reserved inside a remarkable, glass jar, this delicate, heavenly gel mask is infused with a cocktail of skin-transforming ingredients that revives and refreshes the skins complexion. When you un-strew the lid for the very first time you will be stunned by it’s beautiful, fresh aroma of Rose flowers that drifts out of the jar.

Mistletoe is fermented through a classic Korean method to obtain its powerful skin benefits, Japanese blood grass root and organic soy bean soothes, protects and moisturises skins barrier function. This trio of ingredients work in synergy to provide the skin with vital anti-oxidants and nutrients. Sepai also added Hyaluronic Acid into the blend maintaining moisture levels and skin elasticity.

The use of pure rose petals seals in moisture providing instant comfort and hydration. You really do get a proper feel of fresh and clean skin care at its finest with Sepai, it’s quite an exhilarating experience and one that makes you question what not so natural products you apply on daily basis, do they offer the same sensory experience, how do they compare to natural skin care brands like Sepai?

I prefer to apply face masks with a suitable face brush for even coverage and minimal product use. The instant cooling sensation from the mask refreshes dull, tired-looking skin and dries within seconds. The luscious rose floral scent can feel a little overpowering at first but slowly fades on contact with skin. I particularly like to leave face masks on for around 20-30 allowing my skin to fully absorb the nutrients and properties, especially when using a face mask this active, it would be a waste to wash off after 5-10 minutes (well in my humble opinion).

This phenomenal product from Sepai Barcelona will excite rose lovers and face mask hoarders without a doubt. The moisture-rich gel texture is perfect for skin that needs a shot of hydration and vitality, great for skin in need of rapid recovering. At the moment, Sepai isn’t currently available in the U.K. which is a real shame as the brand has so much to offer. Sepai is a brand that provides a unique dimension in the beauty and skin care world that gives you a ‘real’ feel of pure, cultural skin care from the Spanish Islands.

Treat your skin to something extra special and result-driven with Sepai Moist Relief Rose & Mistletoe Gel Mask.


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