Correct & Perfect With These 2 Manbag Essentials From MYEGO Labs (Made In Small Batches To Provide Ultimate Freshness For Every Man)

When it comes to makeup for men, there is nothing more satisfying to hide an imperfection or two when our skin is need of a little TLC. I know that all too well, whenever a blemish rises to the surface I immediately take action and apply my favourite spot healing treatment, knowing that I’m correcting the issue provides me with a sense of achievement and pleasure. In recent years, the use of concealers and powders are becoming a best seller in the ever-growing grooming sector, men want to look and feel good, a bar is set to look tidy, groomed and masculine at the same time. Staring right in front of me are two fabulous, must-have correcting tools to combat everyday skin concerns keeping you in tip-top condition all day long.

MYEGO Labs created a capsule collection with the essentials for men to achieve well-kept skin without going overboard on excess product use. Inspired by natural, quality ingredients without adding the unnecessary bad stuff that may cause future skin issues. Proudly British, MYEGO thrive to inspire men to take care of their skin. 

Men’s skin is oiler than a womans, that’s just a fact, our skin is 20% thicker and we tend to have a more oily prone skin thanks to the role of male hormones. Although oil is great for maintaining natural hydration, an overabundance can be problematic. If you’re looking for a quick daytime fix against shine, a light oil-absorbing powder will do the trick and prevent future shine for appearing. Applying any type of powder with a suitable brush ensures you aren’t piling on the powder which can lead you looking overly made up and washed out and that’s never a good look. The MYEGO matifient shine rescue powder is one to keep with you at all times when embarrassing shine appears out of nowhere. The natural wonders of kaolin and bamboo extract pull away pollutants and unwanted shine giving you a healthy balance appearance without looking too polished. The use of squalane softens and hydrates dry skin.

A slight dust over the t-zone gave me an instant confidence boost whilst blurring pores and imperfections at the same time. You could use the free brush provided that does the job quite nicely but for a more controllable disposal of product, a quality powder brush is recommended. Check out the latest brush collection at MMUK Men’s Makeup here. 

Next up we have a MYEGO concealing pen replicating the hyped Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat. Available in one universal shade to combat dark circles under the eye area. Equipped with natural rooibos tea to soothe and reduce the appearance of tired looking skin, pomegranate extract provides an anti-aging action to target fine lines and wrinkles while injecting the fruits high level of antioxidants into the skin providing natural protection. Borage, Crambe and Purple Vipors Burgloss seed oils reduce the appearance of facial redness and puffiness around the delicate eye area.

I never thought in a million years using a concealing pen would make such a radical difference to my overall appearance. I’m definitely going to keep this in my back pack at all times just in case my skin is at emergency with the look of fatigue and tiredness. You only need the tiniest amount to see a visible impact, don’t make the big mistake by applying too much which can be easily done.

For the perfect skin uniformity: apply under the eye area and allow the product to warm with the skins natural heat before you start to blend using light, patting motions with a clean finger, blending outwards. Using your ring finger will provide less pressure and comfort. For an extra awaken appearance, apply the concealing pen over the eyelids and brow ridge. 

Have you tried anything from MYEGO? There tinted moisturiser is most definitely on my wish list.


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