Complexion To The Rescue With 2 Green Clean Must Haves From Physician Strength Brand Goldfaden MD


Complexion To The Rescue With 2 Green Clean Must Haves From Brand Goldfaden MD review

Me and Goldfaden MD have slowly developed a strong, loving relationship over the years discovering their ‘iconic’ doctors scrub; a crystallise ruby exfoliator that gives other exfoliants a run for their money, outshining ‘face scrub’ market, and I’m  talking serious, you won’t and I repeat, you won’t find another exfoliating powerhouse on the market, and that’s saying it from a madman of physical exfoliants.

I have a lot of respect for the brand, Lisa and I, one of the co-founders of Goldfaden MD use to regularly talk on Instagram about general life and the brand itself, developing a good connection with any brands founder is something almost unheard of in the beauty business, Lisa has my full respect and compassion for taking a few minutes away from her busy schedule to get to know her fans and supporters, like myself. 

Without losing sidetrack on the kindness of people, an unexpected parcel arrived on my doorstep containing two of the latest Goldfaden MD launches. Continue reading as I share my honest, in-depth review on two latest product inventions from Goldfaden MD. With the use of naturally inspired ingredients throughout the entire catalogue that combines rich, fresh botanicals and powerful antioxidants to work with our skin without using harmful ingredients that may cause skin irritation; overtime.

The delightful skin balancing mask was created to provide a flawless, healthy-looking complexion using a blend of skin-boosting ingredients to perfect, hydrate and nourish the skin. Mandelic acid is chosen for its strong exfoliating abilities, an ingredient naturally found in apples and red wine, this ingredient gently sloughs away dead skin cells while dramatically improving the brightness and texture, that’s when you first apply a dose of the skin balancing mask, you immediately see a difference in brightness and clarity.

There’s also ginseng and vitamin e to improve the uniformity of the skins colour tone. Hyaluronic acid is also used for its plumping effects, maximizing skin hydration giving you a younger, more soft appearance. A unique peptide blend that simulates borderline cells to provides a lavish, firming effect. Don’t get me wrong, the product may not look nothing special or spectacular but the end result is sure visible from the peeping public eyes that surrounds us.

Complexion To The Rescue With 2 Green Clean Must Haves From Brand Goldfaden MD review

Moisturising gels are a hit or miss with my skin, I can never find the perfect solution that offers enough comfort or hydration throughout the day without leaving my skin feeling set up for the day and ready to face the world. This recent Goldfaden launch is something to consider adding to your skin care routine if everything else fails. This detoxifying gel from the clean physicians brand contains an array of skin-fighting ingredients to clear up current skin imperfections by using a spot-killing combination of beta hydroxy acids and skin soothing mallow flower extracts to promote healthy, all-round complexion.

Goldfaden MD also added their trademark detox complex that consist of açai, date palm, and goth kola to protect our skins own defence mechanism while shielding against pollution, common stress and damaging free radicals. The bouncy gel texture is something that had to grow on me as I wasn’t overly keen on it’s intriguing, almost jelly-like texture on my first impressions. Since mineral oils and silicones are a big no-no with Goldfaden, a high amount of glycerin and carrageenan is used in replacement as natural thickener.  As I’m about to explain, you will discover a visible difference in texture, and the time absorption, although this shouldn’t put you off from exploring this enticing, one of a kind gel. 


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