I Discuss The New And Improved Cold Plasma Plus Advanced Serum Concentrate From Perricone MD (Plus Why ‘Age Restricted’ Skincare Is Complete Rubbish)

When working with so many skin care products it’s hard to judge what product works and what doesn’t. I’ve been throughly testing Perricone’s latest innovation for a good 3-4 weeks without the use of other products that may disturb or counteract the products’ overall performance. I’ve been applying rigorously morning and evening and I have to say I’m quite impressed and

shocked to say the least. The Cold Plasma Plus is a mighty upgrade from their original and bestselling cold plasma cream that took 5 solid years of pure research and 4 carefully developed patents to ensure every ingredient is transported where skin needs it the most to allow the best possible results to address skin ageing. Before applying any type of product, it’s always best to make sure skin is deeply cleanse as this allows your following treatments to penetrate much more effectively and safely into the skin. You wouldn’t apply an extra layer of foundation the following day without washing your skin, starting with a clean canvas is your one way ticket to healthy skin. 

The Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus Face is a serious skin care stable that addresses the common signs of skin ageing at a dermatology level offering realistic results, now and over time. With new scent-free formulation that completes this best-selling cult classic, the Perricone Cold Plasma Plus Face really does go above expectations. Quality and potency is at the heart of Dr. Nicolas Perricone mind and forefront since 1997, the brands’ unique liquid crystal delivery system provides a direct target result to the areas our skin needs treatment the most. I first discovered Perricone when blogging was very new and fresh to me around three to four years ago when the Male blogging world wasn’t so much heard of unlike today.

I won’t bore you with explaining every single ingredient, although I know some of you like to know and learn what x ingredient does. Let’s start with the added copper tripeptide, created with the elements of copper and three amino acids, this relatively new ingredient increases collagen production which could promote skin firmness and elasticity, you might also see a reduction of past scarring and discolouration. Next up is Vitamin C Ester, a more stabilised form of vitamin c that’s able to penetrates deep into the skin repairing over-exposed skin, restoring natural radiance. Did you know Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) can cost approximately £60 per pound to buy making this a very expensive ingredient to use. Following with fish oils, the fact of apply them to your face may sound a bit gross, don’t worry, these slimy fish oils are rather incredible for the skin. Calming, strengthening and hydrating, omega 3 and 6 provide the baseline for healthy, trouble-free complexion. The use of myrtle flower extract boosts collagen production, visually improving the appearance of skin firmness, fine lines and wrinkles. The use of silicones (Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane and Cyclohexasiloxane) provides a poreless, skin perfected smooth finish.

From the very first application, my skin looked noticeably fresh, hydrated and relaxed, I was happy by how my skin appeared without being over-critical, judging every minor imperfection from a different angle. The light, enjoyable cream-gel texture absorbed straight away within seconds of applying leaving no wait time to finish off your daily skin care routine.

As we age the texture, composition changes and sometimes we need a product that targets specific skin concerns that other products may fail to solve and succeed. Although this latest masterpiece from Perricone is a serum, it concerns me that users may treat this as a moisturiser and apply way too much product than recommended. My advice for you would be to apply no more than a 10 pence for the entire face, and although the moisturising properties may feel like a heavenly rich moisturiser, continue with applying a moisturiser of your choice, preferably with sun protection if you’re planning on heading out for the day. 

I could truly see a noticeable difference by the third week, the occasional flakiness around my t-zone felt smoother, less rough as if I’d been exfoliating with a gentle but powerful facial scrub, like seriously, what other cream does that?

I recently wrote a tweet regarding my thoughts on ‘age restricted’ skin care and wanted to express my feelings towards why this ‘30+ only skin care line’ is complete, utter rubbish. Brands can be very clever on how they promote and word products on packaging and descriptions, you should never ‘really’ restrict what you can or can’t apply on your skin. A Mother and daughter can suffer with the same skin concern, like sensitivity or ongoing blemishes and use the exact same product to treat the concern, get me? That’s what makes Perricone MD unique from the majority of brands, instead of creating products for a specific age concern, this powerhouse brand focuses on developing products with realistic skin concerns, Perricone MD has got your back,  no matter what age.

Will you be indulging your skin with Perricone’s latest cold plasma upgrade? 


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