Bulldog Skincare: A No Frills Grooming Brand That Offers Faultless Skincare With Great Affordability For The Everyday Man

Bulldog Skincare. An affordable, men’s grooming brand that I’m certain most of you know. Founder Simon Duffy unleashed Bulldog Skincare in 2005 as he noticed their was no painless skincare options for men who wanted to look and feel great without using harsh ingredients.

This no thrills grooming brand offers a neat selection of daily grooming essentials for the everyday man. With an array of natural formulated products that won’t break the bank, Bulldog sets a benchmark in the affordable skincare for men category. Are blemishes causing havoc? Is dry skin getting you down? Want a range to soothe and nourish sensitive skin? Whatever the concern, the big shots at Bulldog have you covered from head-to-toe.

Lucky for me, I was sent a selection of Bulldog products from Alex at www.MaleSkin.co.uk to have a play with.

Starting with their immensely addictive face scrub. Exfoliating can make the world a difference! This oil control facial scrub from Bulldog combines activated charcoal to decongest and purify skin. Powers of witch hazel and willow bark tones skin balancing sebum production so you don’t look like a ball of grease by lunchtime. The wonders of polyphenols, an exciting antioxidant that lies inside juniper berry acts as a natural astringent and blemish healer. If you prefer using a pure, native exfoliating product then this Bulldog face scrub is the one for you. Take full advantage of its deep exfoliating action and use as a body scrub when you next hit the shower.

This next product is for the fellas who are slowly becoming concerned of a wrinkle or two but want a little fix in the meantime. This anti-ageing moisturiser from the big boys Bulldog nourishes and restores the roughest of skins thanks to combination of 5 exceptional oils, millet seed and oak apple tannins. The millet seed extract offers an instant skin-softening effect that cleverly reduces the depth of noticeable fine lines. Apple tannins provide a light, gentle exfoliating action unveiling a clear, fresh complexion. Use this as your nighttime moisturiser and you’ll soon be reaping in the benefits of younger looking skin.

When you need instant relief from a close shave, there’s not a better feeling than applying an after-shave balm to cool and desensitized discomfort and irritation. Bulldog have a brilliant product that doesn’t cost a fortune. This trusty after-shave balm contains a blend of skin-comforting ingredients like pure aloe juice, green tea and allantoin to heal and repair skin. Rich in omega 3 and vitamin e, camelina oil acts as a rich moisturiser to hydrate and restore moisture loss from shaving. Great to use on the neck area too!

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