British Barbers’ Association Stimulating & Thickening Hair Duo For Fine, Limp Hair: Achieve Thicker, Stronger Hair With Barber-Quality Ingredients (PLUS Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Current Hair Favourites)

The British Barbers’ Association supports male grooming salons and male hairdressers across the U.K. land ensuring the full development of high-quality training and much rewarded qualifications are given for the hard work and dedication. The BBA are on a mission to shape the future of the barbering industry.

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair (and scalp). I’m constantly on the hunt for a shampoo that stops and comforts the itchiness that many shampoos seem to cause. I’ve found a couple of holy grail shampoos that work magically on my sensitive scalp but they all appear to leave my hair fine-looking and over-washed, making it harder for me to stylish and shape the way I want. Dealing with an ongoing battle with dermatitis on the scalp has made the correct product choice of what hair products will work well for my sensitive, easily reacted scalp a real pain in the neck, and as you can image, I have to really look deep into the ingredients list and spot anything that might react with my scalp, shopping for hair care can become a real struggle at times.

Stimulating shampoos are a great way to really get the scalp active and working in full swing, they promote hair growth when used regularly and provide an instant boost of fullness, amping up confidence for the concerning man. You really do notice a difference in volume and shine when using a shampoo with high-quality ingredients. The British Barber’s Association Thickening Shampoo contains key components to strengthen, repair and thicken the outside cortex of the hair, giving you that healthy hair shine and voluminous appearance.

The use of hydrolyzed wheat protein provides the hair with an instant improved smooth, silky feel whilst controlling the rate of moisture loss and improving natural hair fibres. Caffeine is included to promote healthy hair follicles, encouraging the chances of hair growth when applied on a daily basis. DHT, a form of testosterone  which causes the hair follicles to weaken and shrink, caffeine may help neutralise the effects of this naughty testosterone in the long run. You could quite easily pour a mug of freshly brewed coffee over your head and hope for the best although I don’t think smelling like a coffee shop would be very attractive.

Starting with a British Barbers’ Association shampoo designed to treat and restore fine, limp hair, adding much depth and volume allowing you to easily control, manage and style. Great for the hair conscious men who enjoy talking pride in hair appearance. Rich in proteins and amino acids that strengthens and restores hair vitality from first application. This sulphate free shampoo  lightly lathers into a delicate cream foam thanks to the derivative of pure coconut oil that won’t effect your vital hair oils thanks to the products gentle formulation. Don’t expect to get a ‘deep cleanse’ feeling as this isn’t your bog standard bottle of head & shoulders, in fact, this is quite the opposite.  You may find having to use more product due to the shampoo containing no artificial foaming agents so you don’t get that instant burst of foam-ness like most oil-stripping shampoos on the market. You shouldn’t let this put you off from purchasing, using a gentle, scalp-friendly shampoo will benefit your scalp in the long run, your hair and self-confidence.

Moving onto the British Barbers’ Association Stimulating Conditioner. A new-found love for conditioning the hair. English peppermint provides an cool, invigorating sensation that promotes natural hair growth. In addition to this, jojoba wax ester mimics the oil sebum naturally produces from the scalp that contains anti-fungal properties helping to carefully remove ongoing dandruff, dead skin and dirt, great for easily irritable scalps like mine. Reap in the benefits with this nutrient packed conditioner by taking time and massaging the product onto cleansed, dampen hair for a good 90 seconds to really benefit from the conditioners potential.

The British Barbers’ Association Shampoo and Conditioner is something you should consider using as a replacement from other hair care products that may not be performing as promised (I’m sure we have all experienced this). Think of this as a 2-Step System for healthy, nutritious hair, you wouldn’t wash your face with something you didn’t know anything about, I certainly wouldn’t, treat your scalp and hair as you would your face and you’ll get on just fine.

The BBA (British Barbers’ Association) Men’s Grooming Range will be launching on MaleSkin in April this year. While you wait for the most anticipated release this year so far, click here to read about a grooming brand fit for the likes of Prince Harry.


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