No More Pizza-Face! The Skincare Brand That Deserves More Recongition In The Cosmetic World: Biotrade Cosmeceutical Acne Out Line (And A ‘Close At Heart’ Personal Story)

The Skincare Brand That Deserves More Recongition In The Cosmetic World Biotrade Cosmeceutical Acne Out Line

Discover Biotrade Acne Out with myself and learn how you can become blemish free. Blemishes or zits, we all suffer from a burst of breakouts that can add a negative emotion on how we feel. In my teenage years, I was the unfortunate one to suffer terribly from those awful, sightings of white heads that would appear out of nowhere, overnight that created an issue affecting my self-esteem and confidence.

During my bad patch with hormonal skin, I would skip work by pretending to phone in sick to avoid being seen from colleagues, I didn’t want to feel judged negatively because of my skins appearance at that time. I use to hideaway inside my bed sit to avoid humiliation, close the curtains and watch a good film or box set with a hot chocolate. I would only go out at night-time knowing nobody would see the state of my blemished face in the dark. I would get ready to go out for a long scroll around the housing estate and whilst walking along the dark paths, I felt free, confident, and invisible from the public, if someone did walk past me, I knew they wouldn’t be able to completely see my face. 

With the present world of fabulous, innovative skin care that uses the latest, performance driven ingredients to combat blemish-prone skin, teenagers especially at this day have the honours to discover all these wonderful products to keep spots out of sight, and with a single tap of a button, ordering has never been so easy in the 21st century. With the multitude of exfoliating acids available on the market to sweep away dead skin cells, revealing a fresher, clearer complexion, there’s no wonder the demand of skin treatments has risen.

Luckily for my readers, I have recently been trialing an excitable range of anti-acne products from Biotrade that not only uses the powers of gentle acids to tackle imperfections but also the powers of pure oxygen to provide the skin with an inner glow that gleams from within. I’m so happy to have discovered this fascinating brand which I stumbled upon whilst scrolling through the madness of Facebook timeline.

Let’s begin with the Biotrade Acne Out oxygen wash cleansing gel. Formulated with 99.9% of pure oxygen, this star of the show ingredient works by promoting fast skin recovering from current imperfections, an ingredient that withholds anti-inflammatory and bacterial reduction for those suffering from current outbreaks. This simple, but beneficial ingredient also simulates collagen production that enables the skin a become healthier-looking. We also have lactic acid which plays its role in cleansing the skin gentle and throughly. This popular alpha hydroxy acid bites away dead skin cells from the skin revealing a fresh, radiant complexion. 

It’s a super lightweight formula as far as a foaming gel goes with a non-existence foaming action; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You really want to pay attention at massaging on the skin for a good few minutes, particularly around the congested areas and inflammation. From personal experience, leave on the skin for a good few minutes to allow the oxygen and lactic acid work at their peak performance, then rinse away with fresh, clean water, preferably lukewarm water to prevent skin irritation.

Moving onto the Biotrade Acne active cream, a wonderful, well-equipped soothing cream that literally works on the spot by reducing the inflammation, size and overall appearance. I’ve been applying this on targeted areas at nighttime, and although the scent isn’t particularly welcoming, this mighty cream sure does pack a punch on existing troublesome spots. You might feel a slight tingle upon application but this isn’t something to become concern about, this is quiet normal. The micro-size molecule structure of Retinyl palmitate dives deep down, converting into retinol, then retinoic acid to clear active blemishes on the skin that may need a little push out the door. If you’re new to retinol family, then apply tiniest amount onto the congested area, once every other day until your skin adapts to this new-found ingredient.

The Biotrade Acne Out vegetable soap is pretty incredible too! Inside this medicated bar combines salicylic and lactic acid to provide the ultimate cleanse of a lifetime by fighting off the spot causing bacteria. Seriously, this is one unique bar of soap that won’t leave your skin feeling uncomfortable or thirsty for moisture. I do have to stress that this isn’t your regular bar of boring soap, think of it has a medicated cleansing bar for problematic skin.

The Skincare Brand That Deserves More Recongition In The Cosmetic World Biotrade Cosmeceutical Acne Out Line.png

Something with that extra padded protection for the skin is important when facing the outside world. The Biotrade Acne regenerative, comforting cream from Acne Out combines the use of soothing niacinamide, a blend of fatty acids and vitamin c to heal and nourish the skin during the daytime whilst encouraging the skin to simulate cell renewal. We also have a concoction of 5 uv filters to block out the damaging effects of pollution and excessive sun exposure. The silky, lightweight texture compliments acneic skin sufferers, and although the present of that famous ‘sunscreen scent’ is apparent, users will be pleased to know that the smell quickly fades within a couple of minutes after application.

For the grand finale! When our skin is in need of extra hydration throughout the cold weather season, the hydro active cream would make the perfect companionship. If skin is becoming dry and sensitive from the constant change of weather, or the drying effects of other anti-blemish treatments, this soothing formula of panthenol and glycerin at high percentage work together to counteract skin drying whilst providing a protective layer of hydration, improving skins elasticity. It’s just my kind of moisturiser, being weightless but intensely skin-quenching. I’m struggling to say anything bad about this cream, if anything about the entire range of products from Acne Out.

Did you suffer from breakouts in your early teenage years? What products worked and which didn’t? I would love to hear from you in the comments box below. This post features press samples.


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