Billy Jealousy Has Got You Covered: 3 Effortless Grooming Essentials You Need To Try Before They Sell Out (Yes, I’m Serious!)

Billy Jealousy is a brand I fell in love with at first sight. Male Grooming brands are all quite similar with their masculinity body washes, caffeine infused eye creams and bog standard moisturiser. Products like that just don’t cut it for the present, in style gentleman. A dose of Billy J will liven up your grooming routine in no time!

The male grooming market is certainly stepping up the game this year and I’ve seen some really excitable and creative launches to date. We can easily forget brands that don’t get the attention they deserve, such as Billy Jealousy.

Having briefly heard of Billy Jealousy in the past, I questioned myself why haven’t I ventured into this popular grooming brand before. Using high-performance, specific key ingredients has always been a priority for the badass brand, Billy Jealousy. You don’t have to grow a designer beard just to slather on some face lotion; although Billy J is an expert on knowing how to look good with facial hair.

These products were kindly provided by Alex Dalley; CEO & Founder of MMUK Men’s Makeup. I’m currently obsessed with his brown eyeshadow, great for adding a distinctive look. You only need to use a little as this eyeshadow pigment packs a punch! Speaking of MMUK, check out his incredible BB cream for men here.

Become a white knight in shining armour with this rich, non-foaming cream cleanser from this sophisticated male grooming brand. A personal favourite from their core collection, the white knight gentle cleanser is equipped with purifying, exfoliating ingredients (papaya, willow bark and apple aminos). After rinsing the cleanser from my face, skin felt unbelievably fresh and clean, soft to touch. Unlike regular foaming/gel cleansers on the market, you don’t get that ‘harsh’ feeling after use which can quite often irritate skin. Keep this soothing facial cleanser in your gym bag! 

I don’t normally rave about shaving creams, they all do the same thing, removing facial hair and all but this one is rather special. Creamy, comforting and fragrance-free, you really couldn’t go to the labs and cook up a better shaving cream yourself. The natural simulation of ginger and peppermint lifts facial hairs to lessen irritation. I know for a fact this is the only shaving cream I’m letting my beard touch for now on (it’s that good!)

Liquid Sand; nothing like sand at all, not a cleanser or exfoliator, but a well-respected polisher that deeply cleanses and removes impurities from the skin. Perfect to use prior shaving as this prepares the skin thanks to the unique combination of lactic and alpha hydroxy acids. If your skin is more on the sensitive/easily reactive side then apply no more than once a week. Silicia beads are used as a physical exfoliant to polish away dead skin cells; I could instantly tell a differance in the smoothness and clarity. Get applying fellas! 


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