A New Discovery With Natural Haircare: Hair Benefits Treatment Oils & Butters For Bad Hair Days (And A Nourishing Lash Oil To Die For, I’m Being Serious!)

A New Discovery With Natural Haircare Hair Benefits Treatment Oils & Butters

A New Discovery With Natural Haircare Hair Benefits Treatment Oils & Butters .png

It’s refreshing to be able to review a new brand that is close to home, literally a street away from my household. I discovered Hair Benefits whilst scrolling through the Facebook timeline and instantly gave them a holla over on Facebook Messenger. The feeling of becoming connected to a hometown brand is a truly remarkable experience and delight to discover.

Within a matter of minutes, Sharron, the founder of Hair Benefits replied with a warm, open message filled by excitement and discovery. Sharron was kind enough to send an out a few samples for me to experience and review.

With over colouring and excessive use of harsh, scalp irritating hair products Sharron’s hair became very fizzy and damaged looking. The use of shop-bought conditioners and treatments made no difference which is all mass-produced made with synthetic ingredients that only provide a temporary fix, not a long-term hair benefit. Sharon decided to create her very own hair treatment oil using only the purest, natural oils that she believed would make a positive impact on all hair concerns. After experimenting with various carrier oils, trialling which oil provided the best, possible treatment, Sharron uncovered and perfected 6 formulations for different hair types that would offer full restoration.

Starting with the shea butter hair & scalp treatment from Hair Benefits that is applied like a pre-wash conditioner to prepare and protect the scalp from discomfort and irritation prior to hair washing. Our hair needs constant attention and guidance from daily living, the change of weather and outside pollution plays a big part on how our hair looks and feels, we should start looking after our hair naturally and remember a bed of healthy hair is just as important on getting full 8 hours sleep. Inside this enticing pot contains a lavish, buttery textured cream that is lovingly handmade using rich shea butter, an ingredient that unleashes restoration on anything that needs a little tender loving care, like our hair, this well-established ingredient treats dry, uncomfortable hair from root to tip leaving a silky, manageable, but never greasy finish.

The richness of castor oil lies from natural fatty acids to strengthen, bond and thicken untreated hair to the best of its ability. Jojoba oil and vitamin e reduces the scalp from over-drying and flaking, a great remedy for dandruff sufferers like myself, this is certainly a treat for my troublesome scalp.

For the ultimate, comforting restoring experience, apply a liberal amount onto clean hands and gently rub together until the butter turns into a warm luscious oil, then apply onto dry hair paying special attention to areas that are more of a concern, for me, the crown is where I suffer from dryness and occasional irritation so by surprise this exceptional repairing butter worked an absolute treat on calming down the sensitivity and itchiness, a truly SOS hair discovery. Hair Benefits also include a hair oil that I find truly works wonders on brittle, over-washed hair, something that I’m afraid to admit, washing my hair on a daily basis is something you shouldn’t be doing, but for me, smelling of a potent food environment after work isn’t going go attract prince charming, so applying a few drops of oil onto my scalp really does promote healthy, looking hair and vibrancy.

Time for the grand finale, the eyelash & eyebrow enhancing oil. I’ve always been intrigued by how products for the eyelashes treat and nourish, allowing every lash to appear healthy and full looking, and now is the time to look no further. Perfected using 100% castor oil, and organic, blended with vitamin e and sunflower oil to project a natural flutter appearance. When applying a coat of this delicately infused oil my lashes instantly felt nourishes from root to tip, a great way to maintain conditioned lashes is to apply a layer before going to bed.



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